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I think that my home country is in denial. The French president told the nation yesterday that France is in recovery. France is in the midst of the deepest economical crisis but don’t worry, everything will be fine. The number of job seekers keeps increasing, but we are in recovery. Recovery, my foot.

This made me think. Maybe, after all, we need denial. We crave denial. Life would be so boring without denial. So, after all, denial might be a good thing, don’t you think?

Maybe, if we believe hard enough that we are in recovery, well, we will be in recovery eventually? If only it were as simple as this.

It made me think of an old flatmate at university. She was lovely, beautiful and intelligent. She was also dating a (French) guy who already had a girlfriend. She was in complete denial about the whole thing. It was love, you see. He was her soulmate. He was going to leave his girlfriend for her. He was the one, according to her.

Me being me, I told her to stay safe and use, well, rubber. She was shocked. How could I ? Silly old me. We drifted apart.

He did leave the girlfriend, but it took him a few years. Soulmate, my foot.

Fifteen years down the line, she is divorced with two young kids and he is married to a much younger woman expecting their second child.

Who am I to judge? She was happy with a lothario for a long time, after all. That said, I can’t help thinking that her denial didn’t help. Denial is not always helpful, after all.

So, are we all in denial? Wouldn’t it be better to face the music and implement some much-needed reforms before it is too late? The problem is that it takes a lot of courage to face the truth.

As for me, the result is the same. France and me are drifting apart.

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