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Art Work in New York

I am spending a couple of days in New York but I will be back in time for the Olympic Games closing ceremony. I am very excited about it! That said, I am not entirely sure of what I will wear.

I can’t put my fingers on it, but there is something about French style. I can even feel it over here, in New York.  The thing is, I am pretty low maintenance and I love simple pieces, but, despite not spending a fortune on fashion, I get the occasional look or comment about how nice my shirt/dress is. I got another one today, which was very unexpected because of the jet lag and the bags under my eyes. I was wearing a simple, LK Bennett red top
From LK Bennett website

I love the color red. Always have. Always will.
I bought it in Westfield a couple of weeks ago, and it seems to do the trick!
Because the thing is, most people assume that I buy my clothes in France. But I don’t. I barely go back to France a couple of times of year and I am so busy there that I have no time to shop anyway. So how do I get the French look? Well, I have no idea. I was born this way. I tend to like simple, classic designs, with a dash of colour. Oh, and less is more. I don’t do fancy prints.
I also love the simple designs of All Saints. All Saints hold a special place in my heart because it is the only shop where I can buy clothes for my daughter and me…

I especially like their cardigans, jumpers and coats. I like Cos too, and they are very reasonably priced. But my daughter is more into Abercrombie and Fitch and I have to say that I feel really, really old when I see the half naked models at the entrance. She wears their clothes well, though…Have a look:

In short, no need to go to France to buy nice clothes.  Westfield, in Sheperds bush, has it all.
So please Join Westfield’s battle of East v West and win huge prizes (vouchers…).

So pick a side, get tweeting, instragramming and… facebooking and make sure you’re in the running. East or West, which side are you on? Please note that I have teamed up with Westfield to write this post.

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