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Is it middle age? Is it the food over here? I had a huge shock this morning on the scale. Damn it. True, I have been less careful recently. You have got to live a little bit, right?
I am not that fat. My BMI, as they say, is still in the ‘healthy’ range. Right now, as I am writing from my favourite coffe shop in Hammersmith, there is a lady stuffing her face with three ham & cheese croissants. She is so huge that she has to sit on two chairs. Compared to her I am skinny. I love London for this: even when I am a bit fatter, I feel thin (isch). It wouldn’t be the case in Paris. Sometimes, living in London is liberating.
I digress. Compared to 10 years ago, I am a stone heavier. Where did this come from? Truth be told, I don’t want to go on a diet. I don’t do diets. I am far too old for diets anyway. And honestly, isn’t life too short to put my body through the pain of a diet?
Diets are boring. I like exercising from time to time but I am not a fitness fanatic. What to do?
On the bright side, my face is lovely, no wrinkles or anything. French guys say that, after a certain age, a woman has to choose between her bum and her face . They must be right: I chose my face. No injections needed, all this fat is keeping me plump.
I thought that French women were not supposed to get fat. Sigh. I was wrong. Maybe when I became British, I lost the French privilege not to get fat? I wonder.
The French way to lose weight would be to start smoking and maybe take a lover for more, let’s say, exercise. But I am British now. I don’t smoke and frankly, a lover would be far too complicated. Not to mention that I am happily married.
I will keep the chocolate and my extra stone. The other options don’t really sound too appealing. What would you do?
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • mountaingmom

    I think you look just fine. Enjoy the chocolate and leave the smoking to those with a death wish. I am 32 lbs heavier than when I married, 20 lbs heavier than after my last child was born 26+ years ago. I am not fat, I was too thin then when my metabolism worked like a ferret on crack. I enjoy my chocolate too, walk and garden as much as my aging body allows and eat healthy meals in healthy proportions. Dieting is bad for your health and your reweight gain for that matter. Keep being you!

  • SueraeStein

    You certainly don’t look like you need to do anything! I try to do whatever makes me feel healthy. Exercise and eating healthy doesn’t have to be as much of a chore as we make it seem. It doesn’t have to be a diet or giving up chocolate, but just adding more fruits and veggies to our existing diets can make a difference. For the first time in my life I actually have time to exercise and have managed to find some classes that I actually look forward to and am bummed if I can’t go (and believe me when I tell you I have NEVER enjoyed exercise before). It is sad that we do tend to expand as we age – yet another aging negative (are there any positives)?


    Just be happy – that keeps you looking great!

  • AnnMullen

    I want to tell you two things that might seem like opposites. First, while you have only gained a stone (whatever that is) and it doesn’t show on you, you do need to eat carefully before you become a 4×4 like I am. Second, you need to decide to like yourself whatever you look like. None of us can validate you; only you can do that. None of us has any right to judge you; so don’t worry about what others think. And don’t judge yourself either. Accept yourself. Not easy, but the other way is torture.

  • Chef William

    Well, you could make your husband into your lover. A remake but it can be done. 🙂 Then you can share the chocolate and a little wine before “exercise” and live guilt free.

  • Good advice..I will certainly keep the chocolate!

  • A stone is about 7kg. Not good. The thing is, I used to be thin without being careful. Growing old sucks…

  • Sound advice. Why do we get fatter when we are older?

  • You are right, growing old sucks. As for enjoying exercise…well, I wish…

  • I wish it were this easy. As I remain French, there is some pressure fir me to look thin…

  • We love you just the way you are (you can hear the notes, right?)

  • Jenny

    You look great, although somehow an extra stone has a bit of a habit of becoming an extra two stone…. or at least it does for me. Probably not for you though 🙂

  • Rohit Trilokekar

    Myriam… i said you look 30.. u don’t need to look 13 🙂

  • Diet is a swear word to me! I think it’s all about balance really – balancing eating well with eating and drinking ‘well’ hehe 🙂 And being happy within yourself. It’s such a coincidence that we posted about this subject at the same time!

  • SarahHague

    You look great, keep doing what you’re doing. Better to look healthy than like a scraggy old bat.

  • Marie

    You look fabulous! I totally agree with Janine! Find the balance.

  • Carolina HeartStrings

    Two chairs? Love it. You certainly look trim and fit to me however I do not live in a part of the world that is known for it’s attention to health and fitness (ie: Miami Beach, LA, etc, etc.) As my Sweetie would say “She looks like she needs some biscuits” – ie: you would look skinny to him. (Oh and our biscuits are not cookies – they are the lard and flour variety served typically at breakfast with sausage gravy made from more lard and flour). (yes his parents died early of heart disease)

  • Carol

    There are a lot of large women in Quebec, who smoke and maybe also have a lover or two. I don’t think that slimness is particularly French. Once on the lips, forever on the hips 🙂

  • You are right…The thing is, I love my food!

  • Well, it looks like you love your food too! Such a shame that good food makes you fat, isn’t it?

  • Thank you! You need to have a word with my scale, I say!

  • Healthy, yes, but a bit too heavy! Why are we women never happy?

  • I suppose that it has something to do with being a woman, right? We all go through such phases…

  • Thank you Rohit, thank you. The thing is, in my head I still feel 15! Life is unfair!

  • Well, as I don’t do diets, I suppose that I have to exercise more. No choice. Why do we get fatter when we get older again?

  • Thank you, Roy, thank you…If only my scale could hear you!

  • SarahHague

    Enjoy life. You only get one go at it. I’m a bit heavier than I was 5yrs ago, but my DB has said I’ve never looked so good. He’s happy, I’m happy, as is my stomach and my skin. 🙂

  • a) You are faaar from being fat and b) French women also don’t eat. All my French friends have a weird routine of calorie saving, meal skipping and entire-food-groups-avoiding. Please don’t become that neurotic (French! ;-)) about food. Dxx

  • I am not neurotic at all. Right know, I am having a little snack with some nuts. I love food, and it is difficult to have to be a bit more careful an my (old) age. Sigh. Life is unfair!