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We have managed to get some tickets ! YAY ! It took us several tries and, frankly, after the third lottery, I thought that we were not going to get anything. But everything has been delivered by now. I am very excited as we will get to see the opening and closing ceremonies, the athletics, the beach volley (my husband got the wrong tickets: we are seeing the men, I am very happy, he looks a bit disappointed. Life can be tough), and other disciplines too…watch this space!
I can’t wait. But I am concerned too. I might have to attend the wettest Olympic games in history: it keeps raining. And it is not a light drizzle: no, every day we have a complete washout! Not nice, given that we are in July. The Games might go down in history for all the wrong reasons.
What to do? Well, we have bought some raincoats for all the family. I hope we won’t need them but it’s better to come prepared, eh?
And who said holidays are less busy than school time? I simply never stop. I am now able to drive around most parts of London without any satnav, which is a major achievement for me considering that I used to hate driving -ah, the things we have to do when we get older, have to do school runs, be more responsible, I still get honked but, frankly, I have learned to ignore it. Driving in London has been a nightmare for the last couples of months: roadworks were everywhere and it sometimes was quicker to jog. Recently, they have painted “Olympic Lanes” on some roads. I am not entirely sure of what they are for, apart from the fact that I keep taking them. I hope that they are not like bus lanes, otherwise I will soon get a fine, especially with my legendary luck, and such fines, at £150 a pop, don’t come cheap!
I really don’t now what to expect for the Olympics. I have never attended the games. What about you? Have you ever attended the Games? How was it?

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