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London is in a Valentine sort of mood. The shops are displaying heart shaped chocolate boxes everywhere and the price of red roses is going through the roof according to my next door’s florist.
Couples are everywhere. London could be re-named Snog-land right now. There was a couple sharing a passionate kiss in front of the Tube barriers yesterday. I had to wait patiently behind them with my Oyster card because I couldn’t get through. Another couple was kissing on the platform. The exercise was a difficult one because she was wearing a homemade horse mask, lovingly made with papier mâché. They found the whole experience hilarious and almost missed their train.
I went shopping on exclusive Kings Road last Saturday afternoon. As it was freezing, I decided to sit down somewhere and have a quick coffee. I went upstairs with my cuppa, only to find an army of teenagers passionately kissing each other and giggling between kisses. I believe that some of them were my daughter’s classmates. How embarrassing. It made me feel ill at ease. They were so eager! I had just come here to get a cup of coffee and feel warmer but it didn’t do the trick.
Nobody wants to be on his/her own for Valentine’s day. It has become some sort of competition really. I don’t remember Valentine’s day being this big in France. Where is this coming from? What did I miss?

The thing is, I love buying red roses from time to time. I suppose I will have to buy white ones instead!

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