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Do I Look OK?

Maybe I haven’t changed, even after all these years. What am I talking about? Let’s come clean here: I still care about the way I look. Today is no exception: I have a formal dinner tonight, and I have prepared everything with military precision. Because I want to make a good impression. Because somehow I feel that not trying my best would be letting people down. Because that’s what I do. Because that’s what all women do, right? So here is the check list of the day:

Manicure: check (thanks to my lovely daughter- try putting nail polish on your right hand by yourself if you are right-handed)
Clutch bag: check
Shoes: check (boy do they look good!)
Blow-dry: check (homemade I am afraid)
Make-up: check (still homemade)
Dress: check (From Bali. An oldie but goodie. I just love it. It was love at first sight, I assure you).

The whole event required days of preparation (waxing anyone?), because just having 5 minutes to myself must be planned like, a week in advance, and I must admit that, yes, I am stressed. Even after all this time. I don’t understand why. I thought that I would care less with age, but actually the opposite is happening: every detail counts now. And, once again, the pressure to look good is on me. Why do I feel this way? Why do most women feel this way? Or maybe it is a French thing? Men are so fortunate: they can show up in a suit and a tie and that’s it, job done. Women are the unsung heroes of formal dinners: we have to, well, think of everything. We have to pretend it was all nice and easy, and took only a couple of minutes. As if it did. Does anyone really believe it? I suddenly feel tired. And of course, we have to smile. Of course we do. Do you know what? I wish I were a guy sometimes. There it is. 

So why do I still care? What ‘s wrong with me? I wonder. After all, I am who I am and I am never happier than in my old jeans and without any make-up on. But I am running 
late. I can hear my husband asking me why I am late..again. What can I say? It just takes longer for us. That’s the way it is. And thats the way it always will be!
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