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We are back in London and it feels good. Really good. But there are some breaking news over here. You can’t have missed it. All the newspapers have mentioned it: the daughters will now have the same rights than their brothers for the British throne succession. This means that the first born daughter will reign before her younger brother (see here for more details.)
Apparently it is a small revolution. Some are even saying that it might be the end of the monarchy: why change something that has worked (whatever this means) for centuries?The succession law has finally been changed, after 300 years. This has been discussed in Perth by the members of the Commonwealth, along with other “revolutionary” changes, such as allowing the future monarch to marry a Catholic woman. Can you believe it? Everybody here believes that the female power has finally been unleashed. What a Pyrrhic victory!
As for me, I think that I have missed a trick. Don’t these people have more important things to discuss? Are we really living in the 21st century or did I forget to put my clock 200 years back because of the winter time?
This is so typical. In a country where women had the right to vote in 1928, why did it take so long for daughters to be equal to their brothers in the Royal family? Don’t you think that this is the essence of the British paradox: a modern country, entrenched in obsolete traditions. The best and the worst.
And why the sudden urgency? Maybe we are going to find out that Kate, the duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant with a baby girl. I honestly can’t find any other plausible explanation.
Sometimes, I despair and firmly believe that I will never understand this country. That said, being French had its advantages, especially after the rugby world cup. We French didn’t do that badly, did we?

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