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I feel like I am in paradise. No meal to prepare, and everything I want is handed over to me in a matter of minutes. The service is discreet yet attentive.
The weather is nice and sunny, not too warm but not too cold either. Just perfect. We can lie down and have a swim or visit the city. Or go to the desert. Everything is taken care of.

But, believe it or not, I have met at last a couple of people who actually were not happy. Maybe some people are not meant to be happy. They thrive when they whine. They have to complain. It is who they are. It makes them feel like they finally exist. Surely it can be the only explanation!

The first one was a skinny French brunette. At the swimming pool, she started to explain to her husband that the hotel was too big, the service not good enough and she wasn’t enjoying herself. She didn’t know that we were French too so we heard the full list of her various grievances. She was quite passionate about not being happy. Not a good sign! We met them again during breakfast. You have to imagine the most fantastic breakfast buffet, with anything from sushis to croissants, with fresh fruits and Arabic specialties. I recognised her instantly. Guess what : she was sulking and hiding behind huge sunglasses. Maybe the coffee wasn’t served fast enough!

I met another one in the desert. A lady again -English-speaking this time. We had just had the greatest time driving in the sand dunes and were waiting to see the photos of our adventures. She was becoming impatient and the salesman told her politely to wait a few more minutes. She snapped back: “but I have already waited a few minutes”. She then started a long winded rant about the fact that the photographers were not professionals. Lovely.

Why are some people never happy? Even at the other end of the world, they have brought an oversized emotional luggage and have forgotten how to simply let go and enjoy the present. I hope it will never happen to me. That’s actually my wish for 2012. I don’t want to become any more cynical! On this note, I wish you some happy celebrations.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London