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I feel like I am in paradise. No meal to prepare, and everything I want is handed over to me in a matter of minutes. The service is discreet yet attentive.
The weather is nice and sunny, not too warm but not too cold either. Just perfect. We can lie down and have a swim or visit the city. Or go to the desert. Everything is taken care of.

But, believe it or not, I have met at last a couple of people who actually were not happy. Maybe some people are not meant to be happy. They thrive when they whine. They have to complain. It is who they are. It makes them feel like they finally exist. Surely it can be the only explanation!

The first one was a skinny French brunette. At the swimming pool, she started to explain to her husband that the hotel was too big, the service not good enough and she wasn’t enjoying herself. She didn’t know that we were French too so we heard the full list of her various grievances. She was quite passionate about not being happy. Not a good sign! We met them again during breakfast. You have to imagine the most fantastic breakfast buffet, with anything from sushis to croissants, with fresh fruits and Arabic specialties. I recognised her instantly. Guess what : she was sulking and hiding behind huge sunglasses. Maybe the coffee wasn’t served fast enough!

I met another one in the desert. A lady again -English-speaking this time. We had just had the greatest time driving in the sand dunes and were waiting to see the photos of our adventures. She was becoming impatient and the salesman told her politely to wait a few more minutes. She snapped back: “but I have already waited a few minutes”. She then started a long winded rant about the fact that the photographers were not professionals. Lovely.

Why are some people never happy? Even at the other end of the world, they have brought an oversized emotional luggage and have forgotten how to simply let go and enjoy the present. I hope it will never happen to me. That’s actually my wish for 2012. I don’t want to become any more cynical! On this note, I wish you some happy celebrations.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Marie V

    Muriel I am glad to see your are enjoying some nice time away! As for people like the one you describe it reminds me our trip to Morocco in 2008. Mots of the people were adorable but 2 couples were just never pleased with anything, always complaining about the food, the excursions, the trips, the visits. There was always something wrong them. And my friend and I made a wish at this time, to never grow old like them.
    Continue to enjoy and all the best for 2012 for you and your family!!!

  • MuMuGB

    I hope all is well with you Marie. You are not like this and I don’t think you ever will be! X

  • Flora Tonking

    Sadly it seems that the more some people have, the more they complain about how things are not quite perfect enough. Some people are never happy! But am glad to hear that you are though, enjoy the sunshine!

  • Oh no, please keep being the happies and funny person you are. I have those same questions but sometimes I can not find the answer.

  • MuMuGB

    I don’t know what went wrong with them. But not to worry, I will not become like them!

  • MuMuGB

    The sunshine feels nice, really nice. How is London?

  • Oh wow. I’ve really given up on asking this question. Some people are just never satisfied with what they have. On the other hand, consider it free entertainment on your fabulous holiday. Wishing a lovely time and a fantastic New Year. xoxo

  • MuMuGB

    Happy new year to you too…I wish you all the best for 2012! Are you as busy as ever?

  • Elizabeth Young

    Great observations and more teachable moments girlfriend! It seems like the more some have the less they are satisfied and lose their ability for fun along with their appreciation of things. Shah Wharton of ‘Words in Sync’ fame is a Brit who lives in Dubai. She says that those born there are spoiled and have a tremendous sense of entitlement, and often poorly tolerate those who have brought much of the wealth to their country.
    I left a comment for you over at The Garden Gate. Happy New Year 2012!

  • Glad I’m not them! Have a wonderful 2012!

  • Muriel, this goes along with the feelings I noticed when living in Belize, (simple life) and taking our kids to Cancun for a week. We had to stand in line for 30 minutes, and the woman behind me was from California. Her game was to get everyone involved with her misery and she actually got upset when I refused to pay attention to her complaining. I enjoyed this post. Would love to experience Dubai. Happy 2012.

  • Scrollwork

    The complainers make me more aware of how happy I am! But if they go on too long I remove myself from their presence if it’s within my control.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, Muriel, and here’s hoping all the warmth and sunshine will restore you to feeling youthful. (I noticed you commented on Sam’s Green Eggs and Ham Experiment about her looking younger than you, hehe.)

  • I loved this post. I always wonder about the constant complainers and whiners. I’d like to know the psychology behind it. People like that are never satisfied, so it must come from some deep emotional emptiness. Life is so much happier when you can just look at the positive side, or put things in perspective.

    Have a Happy, Healthy and Adventurous New Year!

  • Hi! I feel like I have not been on blogger forever! I love this post and could not agree more….some people are just never happy and that is very sad because life is too short to be grumpy:)

  • MuMuGB

    hello Jennifer and happy New year! You are so right, life is too short to be grumpy! Enjoy 2012!

  • MuMuGB

    Happy new year to you too! I don’t know what this year will bring but the start was simply fantastic!

  • MuMuGB

    Yes, I am a bit jealous of Sam – she looks so young! Anyway, I am back now and it is quite a shock (and so cold!)!

  • MuMuGB

    Dubai is a must go. I loved every bit of it! I hope I will go back. I think that some people are simply never happy. Tough for them!

  • MuMuGB

    Have a wonderful year too! Am back to rainy & cold London!

  • MuMuGB

    Happy new year to you too Elizabeth. As always, thanks for your support and your comments. I don’t know what 2012 will bring, but it is great to be part of such a fantastic blogging community!

  • Lalia

    Totally agree with you Muriel. Some people cannot be happy and will never be happy. I don’t know what makes people complain and bitch about everything like you described. A sense of entitlement maybe? I think they just need to get over themselves.

  • MuMuGB

    As my lovely daughter would say, they need o get a life!