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Right now I could really do with a lovely trip somewhere sunny. Ideally, it would be as far as possible. I need a break. The thing is, I am stuck here: I have work to do, children to take care of, and so on, and so forth. When does it get easier again? The other reason why I love traveling is that I like meeting different people. I simply need a change of scenery.

Let’s assume that you go to a beach in the UK: it is highly likely you are going to see British families with fair-skinned kids and a ginger dad, saying stuff like. “- Mummy, where did you put the jelly?” with a posh British accent. I would feel right at home.

On a beach in Brazil, things would be slightly different, right? You would see half naked bottoms everywhere, and tanned hunks would tell you ‘Muito Obrigado!’. Spot the difference?

In France, many topless women of all shapes and ages would surround you, and many men would of course look at them.

That said, I have to learn to love it here, because I can’t go abroad right now. To do so, I found a little help online. Take the quiz home or away here or click on the picture. Basically, they show you two pictures and you have to know which one is home (i.e. in the UK), and which one is away. It is harder than you would think, because obviously they don’t show the people…In fact, it is impossible to tell which is which.

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So, how did you fare? This test made me accept that, in fact, I have everything I need in this very country. On my doorstep. No need to escape anywhere. So here I am, and here I stay. Am I an expat? Am I a local? I simply have no clue…But there is one thing for sure: i am staying in the UK for the next few weeks. Does it make me British?

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