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Everything is doom & gloom and it was time to talk about something a bit more light hearted, don’t you think?
So here it is: Fleur Pellerin is a newly appointed French Minister.

She is in charge of the digital economy, but I am not quite sure what it entails. Naively, I thought that she had an office on Second Life but no, I was wrong, that’s not the case. But I digress. Have you seen the picture of the skirt she was wearing a couple of weeks ago? First of all, is it even a skirt? Might it not be a large belt? Is it even possible that she forgot her skirt?
OK, I will admit it: I am a bitter old lady who might be (a bit) jealous of her legs. Actually that’s not true and to prove my point here is a picture of my legs. Yes, it’s me and no, you won’t see more. Not bad for an almost 40-years old, eh? See, I am absolutely NOT jealous.

Anyway, I might be more French than I thought, after all. What I like about London is that I can go out in my PJs or with my husband’s shirts and nobody bats an eyelid. In this country, you are not judged by the way you look and it feels great. Actually, it is more than great, it is liberating!
But here it is: Fleur Pellerin’s non-existing skirt is simply too short. She looks like she is going to paint the town red. I might let my teenage daughter go to a disco dressed like this but that’s about it…Fleur Pellerin was, in fact, going to a crisis meeting following the outage of a major mobile provider. It might have been a crisis, but come on, she doesn’t look too stressed, does she?
So why do I feel so judgemental? What is wrong with me? I like the fact that there are more women in politics and Fleur Pellerin, an adopted child, is a living proof that the social elevator might still be working in France. I am not the fashion police and should not care about what she wears.
But I do. And I feel slightly cheated. Come on, I am sure that her colleagues could see her ministerial brief and that’s simply a step too far, don’t you think?
Nb: if you could leave a comment saying that you prefer my legs it would make my day. Thanks in advance.

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Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Your legs are way more sexy!

    As for her, I really wouldn’t think too much. Maybe she is just trying to make a point… looking sexy and still being good at work!

    • You might be right…but now that she has made her point, she needs to prove that she is good at her job…

  • I, personally, think it’s her business.
    I also thought that dictating how short or long a dress is, whether one wears a suit or a sportcoat and pants, etc. went out with the 80s….

    • For some reason, most men seem to agree with you Roy. Women are a bit more reserved…So much for the sisterhood!

  • I so can’t believe you think that Brits are non-judgemental. They’re the worlds worst at putting people down. Re her skirt, it does seem short for work wear, but sheat least has great legs!

    • Brits can indeed be very judgemental, but they don’t seem to bother about the way you look…In France, believe me, everybody does…

  • I don’t generally care whether people wear their pjs outside or their skirts too short (having done both) (I am however slightly judgemental about Juicy couture velour tracksuits). The point is can she do the job?

    • Why are you judgemental about Juicy Couture velour tracksuit? I wonder…It is a bit too early to know whether she can do the job, she has just been appointed. Let’s wait and see. Let’s also hope that the skirts won’t go any shorter otherwise it will really become too much!

  • Yep – it’s true – I prefer your legs.

    • Thanks Thom – very much appreciated!

  • But that is how I imagine how all Frenchwomen look (and you ofcourse)! You are born to make us Americans look tubby and badly dressed 🙂

    • Well, I might be French but I have to admit that I wouldn’t dress like that. I must be a bit shy. And as far as French style is concerned, I think that it is a myth!

  • I know businesses in America have dress codes, even now in the 2010’s. I guess that may be too passe for the French. I personally think modesty goes a long way; competent or not.

    • Totally agree. I think that you have got to stand out, but for the right reasons. I am not sure that standing out because of your legs is the right reason…

  • I love your whimsical account of Fleur Pellerin’s almost non-existent skirt. Whether you agree or not with her choice of skirt length, she certainly got plenty of attention. Now she has to prove that her good legs aren’t her only asset.

    An older woman, one of the first female ad agency executives (in the 50’s) once told me, “If you have good legs, flaunt them. Then show them that an attractive woman can do a good job.”

    BTW, I think your legs look super.

    PS. Bernadette Devlin, 22, MP for Ulster in the 60’s, caused quite a commotion in Britain when she wore a mini-skirt to Parliament.

    • I am a bit skeptical, you see. It is good to get some attention, but for the right reasons.
      I might be a bit old-fashioned, after all…

  • This subject reminds me (as an evil male whose general perspective in these matters is less is more and roll on the warm weather!) of the faux pas on live television when Michael Parkinson was interviewing John Travolta;

    Parky; So what was it like working with Olivia Newton-John on “Grease”?

    Travolta; Wow, she was an incredible dancer, great legs!

    Parky; Yes, but legs apart, what was she like?

    For the record I have never seen MuMu in PJ’s!

    • I am quite discreet with my PJs. I don’t like to show them around…
      As for John Travolta’s point, I totally understand: he saw the legs and couldn’t see the talent or the work. That’s exactly what is going to happen with Fleur Pellerin!

  • Too short for a business skirt imo. She’s got great legs, is a very attractive woman, but she needs to get attention for her work not the likelihood of seeing her underwear.

    Keep it for going out, love.

    I would hesitate to comment on your legs, bound up as they are in leggings. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you Sarah. As for my legs, I just wanted to prove that I am not too jealous…

  • Maybe she is on her way to a briefing and that was her interpretation how she dressed up for the occasion? My 2 Cs (or twopence): as a Minister she should dress accordingly. Short skirts are ok on a young girl (with nice legs).

    You would never see me in a short skirt or shorts, this might do when alone in the garden.

    Strange, I cannot remember the colours of your PJs when me met in London!

    • I am very discreet with my PJs, Barbara. Very…As for Fleur Pellerin, well, the more I think about it, the more I believe that she is a bit of a show-off, don’t you think?

  • As someone who is a big fan of the short skirt, but who has begun more recently to wonder whether I should lengthen my hemlines to be taken more seriously at work, I applaud anyone (with the legs to wear them) sporting a short skirt. But you must carry it off without any self-consciousness, and always be aware that while you think you’re looking good, others are thinking you look a bit tarty/probably aren’t very bright…of course if she’s any good at her job, none of this should matter at all!

    • The problem is, in France, that once you have shown your legs your male colleagues never let you forget it. Sad but true.
      I might be a bit old fashioned, but I think that you should get attention for your work, not the way you look. Silly old me.

  • I think your legs are far more appropriate! The Minister’s skirt is way too short for people to take her seriously and she should consider wearing pants (like Hillary Clinton.)

    • Thanks, Elizabeth…Just like you, I think that she shouldn’t have dressed like this. She is attracting the wrong kind of attention…

  • Anonymous

    Too short for work imo, having said that, I prefer people to have the liberty to choose over what they want to wear – which can’t be said for Jakarta at the moment. There’s this new surge of Anti-Pornography Task Force whose considering ban on short skirt, forgetting the facts that people in some parts of Indonesia are still almost naked (think of Dayak), Balinese women only started wearing top in the last 50yrs or so. Oh..and i can see why you’re not jealous of her legs, yours better i think 😉

    • It is sad that, in Jakarta, people are losing the liberty to wear what they want. Over here, we easily tend to forget that we are indeed very lucky to have a choice. What I always liked in Indonesia is the fact that everybody always seemed very relaxed about the way women were dressed (Except in Sumbawa 12 years ago -I will have to write a post about this one day). In Bali, I remember walking around Ubud and seeing women and children getting washed, completely naked. Nobody was shocked, and it felt completely natural. I have never been to Dayak but always wanted to go…I miss Indonesia!

  • Of course I definitely prefer your legs. And those shoes are very elegant! Maybe I have just got too far beyond the pale to care, but I do also think that she is to be applauded for her short skirt. It might even put some of her opponents off their arguments. Who knows?

    • You are so modern! From reading your comment, I might be jealous, after all…

  • She looks like she’s trying out for a part on “Sex and the City.” On her own time she can wear skirts up to her belly button, but if she is a government leader I think it’s best to err on the side of caution because she is working with so many different people from so many cultural backgrounds. I’m not saying she should go mid-calf, but she could wear it just above her knee and still look sexy. I’m still trying to figure out, however, how she (and all the girls in my daughter’s generation) sit down without showing everything. Wouldn’t the back of her legs stick to the leather conference chairs?

    • Thank you, Julie, and I totally agree. Just like you, I don’t know how she managed not to show her pants wile sitting. I think that I am out of touch.

  • I prefer your legs!
    xoxo from Texas!

  • Anonymous

    yes yours is more sexy even we can’t see much 😉 My opinion is a lady minister shouldn’t wear too short a skirt, just short may be is still ok as long as it’s elegant ! I agree that in general the Frenchmen love to stare at “les jambes” of the women and perhaps that’s why. But I still think when one is capable there’s no need to show … 🙂
    Helena (surnom “petite fleur”)

    • Thanks for your comment, petite fleur. I think that she pushed it a bit, right

  • disqus_72GXGq6drQ

    Not qualified to comment…but it is not a fare comparison as your running means your legs will be better toned of course. So it comes down to blotches and cellulite!

  • disqus_72GXGq6drQ

    …must stop finding mums attractive 🙂