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This is what I keep saying nowadays. I didn’t know. Honestly, I can’t understand why people actually bother to go to overcrowded shops when the best bargains are actually on line. How come nobody had told me? Where was I?

The extent to which I was paying more that I should have is actually staggering. Somehow I was always making excuses to pay more. No time, you see. Or… I don’t want to change my habits. And, naively, I thought that you always get better quality when you pay more (which is not necessarily true!).
Most Christmas preparations have now been done on-line and the presents have been delivered at my doorstep or at my next-door neighbour, who happens to be a florist. I am thinking of renegotiating my home insurance and my car insurance on-line too. I will get some cashback on top of that. From now on –and from the comfort of my home, I will be trying to find the best deals.

In terms of grocery shopping, my weekly bill (for 4) has gone from £120 to £90 with the help of on-line comparison websites such as mySupermarket. The process of logging-in on a third party website for your grocery can appear to be cumbersome, but it is totally worth it thanks to the PriceChecker by mySupermarket. It is the Companion app and it is a total helping hand when it comes to comparing prices online: first of all you need to register for a mySupermarket account, then you download the app and shop on line on your usual supermarket site, just like normal. The app does the rest by following your basket, telling you what the best deals are, and if it’s cheaper in another supermarket. Then you have the option to shop elsewhere or stay where you are. What’s not to like about it? It feels like having your own personal assistant telling you where the best deals are.

In short, I shop online as much as possible, especially for my groceries. And when I feel the need for some face-to-face bargains, I head to Camden town to try to find original pieces from new designers.  You see, I am becoming sick and tired of having to follow the flow and buy these expensive brands that everybody has.

From now on, I am trying to think outside the box. And the first results are pretty encouraging!

I have teamed up with MySupermarket for this post but the opinions are my own.

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