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It is the small things that matter, right? When I was living in Paris, I remember seeing this painting on a building wall. It usually was at the end of my day of work. I was insanely happy to go home. And for me this was what happiness looked like. I am glad I took a picture of it, because I can’t remember exactly where it was. Well, I thought I did, but somehow I couldn’t find it again last time I was in Paris. Maybe the owners of the building were not too pleased about it and removed it. Seriously, what a shame! Miss Tic used to paint all over Paris walls. It was always about ageless sexy dark-haired women, with a line poetry and a wordplay. I used to believe that it was like a treasure hunt. You took a right turn and Voila! the painting was in front of you.

Miss Tic, Paris XIII

It says ‘Trop heureuse pour être peureuse’ which means ‘too happy to be scared’. The translation doesn’t give it justice, because in French there is only one different letter between ‘happy’ (heureuse) and scared (peureuse). To cut a long story short, there is a pun and it is intended. As for me, I was happy to go back home. I haven’t seen anything similar in London. So here it is: I miss Miss. Tic.




Why am I feeling a little melancholy today? Well, I had a rough night, but for all the wrong reasons (not very French, eh?). You see, I thought that things were going to be quieter once my children were on holidays. As it turns out, they carried a little something from school. A bug. So here is what my night looked like:


I am feeling vile this morning. I can only agree with Miss. Tic here:




Devenir simple c’est complique: in my case, having a simple life can be complicated. I will let Miss. Tic conclude this post. I hope things will get better soon. Wish me luck!