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Dear JMW,
I still remember the first time we met. It was at the Tate Britain. I used the Tate Britain as an escape from my daily routine. Museums are completely free in London, and spending five short minutes there somehow lifted my spirit. I saw your face, I saw your eyes, and I admired your paintings. They instantly made me feel in a vortex of emotions. It was as if we had already met. We simply were long-lost soul mates, and I instantly recognised you.
Turner, Self Portrait

I have never opened my heart like this, and I feel utterly ridiculous to do so. To make matters even worse, I was brought up worshipping the impressionists, but here it is:
I love you, and only you.

Nympheas, Claude Monet
The “Nympheas” can go back to where they came from.  I know that it may sound like a betrayal of my home country, but all is fair in love, right? Since I found you, everything else seems pale anyway. And thanks to you, the London sky looks brighter. When I was younger, I was convinced that clouds were something that you would look at when in love. You proved me right. Love and light play hide and seek in the clouds.

Wreckers Coast Of Northumberland, Turner

I know that it is an impossible love, because you died in 1851. I will never meet you. Come to think of it, it is really sad. That said, even if we had met, I don’t think that you would have warmed up to me, or to my French accent. All I could have hoped would have been to come second best, after your art. What can I say? We ‘met’ at the wrong time. And I don’t think that there was much space for love in your heart anyway, you were far too busy travelling and painting.
I started visiting your collection every day, after work. I was travelling with you in the British countryside, in Venice, and looking at your eyes. Ah, your deep, impenetrable eyes! Realising that I was falling for a dead British artist didn’t deter me from coming back. My days were always happier when I was supposed to meet you.  It was a date, and you had called me back.
Eventually it dawned on me that this love was a huge gift. Impossible love doesn’t have to be sad, right? Meeting you had simply changed my life for the better. Of course, I would have liked to have more, but, well, it was not possible. Such is life. We will never be together, but somehow you have made me feel more alive, and also calmer. I was so scared to be in a foreign country. I thought that I would never fit in. You helped me, you showed me where the beauty really lies. You proved me that a ray of light can change everything.

Shipping O The Maas, Aelbert Cuyp

I have moved on of course, because thanks to you I could finally appreciate a type of art that I didn’t know existed before. Today I even went to the Wallace Collection. Despite the fact that I have never been a huge fan of the Dutch school, thanks to you I could appreciate Aelbert Cuyp, because it reminded me of your technique.
Love never dies. Falling in love is always worth it, because it makes the heart feel lighter. Yes, I will always love you. And I will visit you again from time to time. It will be our little secret, and we will be together again. Nobody can prevent me from dreaming of  you and your immense talent.
Yours, always,

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London