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Enough is enough. In case you have been hibernating, not a day passes without a flurry of articles mentioning Emmanuel Macron’s unusual marriage with a woman more than 20 years his senior. Forget about unemployment, Brexit, Chechen homosexuals being tortured and killed. From now on, it’s all about Brigitte Trogneux’ style, diet, clothes and unusual family set-up (because in case you have missed it, her children are of a similar age than her husband). Seriously, what is happening to this world? Read here if you don’t believe me:

Please spare me the judgmental vibe, and let me speak my mind: who the hell cares? After all, it’s their business. Their private life is, well, private.

And why is it so shocking to see a man and an older woman? Nobody bats an eyelid when older men marry a much younger woman, so why the double standard? I am starting to become prouder of my home country: we French still value mature women, and we have timeless icons such as Catherine Deneuve (73 years old). Over here, in the UK, women seem to become invisible after a certain age.

I really don’t understand why people, especially outside of France, feel compelled to judge Emmanuel Macron, the French President-elect and his wife. Frankly, I find it petty and mean. Yes, she was a teacher at his school, and first met him when he was fifteen at a drama club. But from what I have read, she didn’t teach him. I have also read that they didn’t start dating before he was 17, well above the age of consent in my home country. Yes, it was a scandalous relationship because she was married with three kids, but is it any of our business? I honestly don’t think it is.


Are we his parents? Are we her husband? No, we aren’t, and as much as I recognize that it can’t have been easy for them, it is, once again, none of our business. On top of everything else, it happened more than 25 years ago. Even if it had been a crime (which I don’t think it was), the time limit to take any sort of legal action would have long passed. So let’s live and let live, shall we? And if we must judge, let’s judge Emanuel Macron on his results . There is a lot to do, and in my view it’s time to focus on the right priorities.