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I feel old and none the wiser. I caught up with some younger friends a couple of days go and, in case you didn’t know it, there was a problem with the dating app Tinder last week. Some of them lost all their matches. Apparently it’s a big deal.

Seriously? Is this how you meet people today? You swipe right or left and, eventually, you will manage to get a booty call. Or even a real relationship. It has already happened, I am told.

A colleague of mine (of a similar age than me. OK, maybe a bit younger) explained to the group that he had met his now-wife in his local pub.


“Down the pub?”

My younger colleagues sounded amazed. Who knew that you could still meet people IRL (In Real Life!)? Not them, apparently. The whole concept seemed completely alien to them. It made them laugh. Down the pub? No way!

I felt like I was coming straight from prehistoric times. When did we become so afraid to, well, meet up? Have we become scared of being disappointed? Are we too shy? What is going on?

The thing is, the longer you stay in a a virtual relationship, the more you’ll build castles in Spain. Seriously, at some point you have to face the music and actually MEET UP, warts and all, right? And in my view, the sooner is probably the better.

Well, apparently I had it, once again, completely wrong. Even when you meet IRL after being matched on Tinder, you don’t really talk. You just play your own version of Tinderella.

When did we become so cynical? I wondered. What happened to good, old-fashioned chivalry? What happened to, well, human interactions?

The whole thing made me feel a bit uneasy: In Real Life, my colleagues were shy and would never have chatted up anyone. It’s simply something they wouldn’t do. On Tinder, they could do what they wanted, and never spend a Saturday night on their own.

Maybe the world was indeed going mad. My mind started wandering away. I was thinking of valiant knights in shining armours and, the story of Lancelot and Guinevere came to my mind. Love hurt. Love killed. Well, things have clearly moved on. Now, you just swipe right or left.

I think I will still live IRL. Silly old me.