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I was at the school’s Christmas celebration tonight. I have to go out every day because the Christmas season is in full swing. It never stops, and I prefer not to think about what I will see on the scale after so many lovely glasses of wine and mince pies. Let’s take it one day at a time, right? Tonight was quite enjoyable, and also very international.
The mum sitting right in front of me was Chinese. I had a British couple on my left, and Filipino parents on my right. Behind me was an Australian mum and her French au pair.

How many nationalities were represented? I don’t know the exact number, but probably a lot. In France, everybody was French at my daughter’s school. It went without saying, really. Well, not over here. London is a truly international city and it feels, well, nice. It also feels very different.
Nationality doesn’t seem to matter over here -what does is having a strong accent, apparently. Sigh.

The other funny thing is that some Christmas songs are the same than in French. I mean: the  tune, not the words, obviously. I wanted to sing in French and had to try hard to sing in English. It is tough to sing in an international environment!

in short, Christmas in London is a very international experience. What about you, how are Christmas celebrations where you live?

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