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What I love about London is its international vibe.

I have spent my morning coffee surrounded by a table of loud Spanish girls on one side and a smooching Russian couple on the other side. 
Where else could I have such free entertainment? To add to the surreal side of my morning coffee, the office building next to the coffee shop was being emptied and the pathway was full of lovely yellow leather sofas of all shapes and sizes and small wooden office tables. It was all being charged in huge lorries. Completely surreal, especially on a Monday morning.
Things keep moving in London, nothing stays forever, and maybe the office block next to my coffee shop will soon be redeveloped with swanky and very expensive new flats. I wonder.
One thing that doesn’t seem to change is my love for my morning coffee. I need caffeine to wake up, no matter what.  I wonder why that is. Is it the coffee that I enjoy, or simply the ritual of having coffee somewhere outside of my house? I don’t know.
I like good coffee, and I walk a bit further than me nearest coffee shop to go to a small chain I like.
I can’t stand coffee of poor quality. Good coffee is warm and a bit bitter. Its taste slowly fills the mouth. Heaven.
Talking about coffee, I noticed, when I was in New York, that lots of independent coffee shops have opened and they serve excellent espressos. It doesn’t come cheap (such boutique coffee shops serve espressos at 3 dollars a pop) but waking up in a good mood doesn’t have a price, right? I was glad to see that I was not the only one to enjoy good coffee.
Funnily enough, France doesn’t seem to have this culture of good coffee. Some Starbucks have started to appear, but no other chains and no coffee shop at each corner of the street like over here.
If you want a coffee there, you are likely to have to go to a bar. You might also see some local people starting to drink a few glasses of wine there. First thing in the morning. Not nice. I much prefer my lovely coffee shop in London.
I think that it can only mean one thing: I couldn’t go back to live in France. Where would I have my coffee?
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • “…couldn’t go back to France”….What an intriguing, controversial realization and pronouncement, Muriel! But then again, the beauty of existence is that we are all entitled to change our minds, aren’t we? Still, I wonder when I will say that about the Philippines. Or maybe I’m already there but just not admitting it? And if your reason is excellent coffee, I wonder what mine would be…hmmm……

    • I would love to hear what your reason would be Joy…I think that it is deeper than the coffee for me. Don’t say it too loud, but sometimes I can’t stand some French attitudes. Something must have changed in me!

  • Oh, you had me lamenting until you considered Straybucks to be a viable choice. I’ll stick with the independents that continually seek out new and unusual flavors to pique our pallette!.


    • The beauty of London is that we have a choice. I love it here!

  • Try out – whenever I am in London gives me great tips based on my location! x

    • Thanks Sylwia! You are such an expert! I will try it right away!

  • I envy you your civilised early morning ritual; being able to sit and enjoy the first decent coffee of the day is a great luxury, rather than grabbing a paper cup to go on the sprint to the office! Long may your morning habit live on…

    • Well, let’s just say that my morning starts much too early with the kids and I need a bread at about 9.00, when the school run is finished. Tough to be a responsible adult!

  • That is what I love about the UAE too! I have so many choices… though the weather doesn’t make me feel like drinking too much coffee; I know where to find my iced tea!

  • that surprises me about France!
    i remember the days before starbucks and no place had coffee shops…. totally sucked! i agree…. keep the morning coffee!!!!