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It is all over the press: London seems to top up Paris for the first time as the world’s most visited city (See here). In typical Gallic fashion, my fellow countrymen say that this is nonsense and are questioning the evidence used for such a statement. Why am I not surprised?

Having lived in both cities, I think that Paris and London have a lot going for themselves, but that, right now, London is on a roll. We have had the Olympics in 2012 and the city is going out of recession. I believe that, by visiting London, we all want a bit of its energy. We all want to put the doom and gloom behind us, and London is clearly the city for this. And, obviously, London is full of French anyway.


Spice Girls at Olympics Closing ceremony

That said, it is so easy to hop on the Eurostar and to go from London to Paris that both cities should team up and offer joint travel packages instead of competing against each other. After all, I am convinced that the reason the Brits and the French love to hate each other is because they are so similar. This means that even the smallest of differences is magnified.

This week has been pretty full-on for me, and following the article in The Times, I was invited to speak on Sky News, ABC Australia, RBB (German National radio) and BBC radio5 live…They all wanted me to tell them whether I preferred London or Paris. Well, there is no clear answer. I still miss some things from my home country (for instance the freshness of food) and love others from my adoptive country (the energy and the open-mindedness especially !).

In short, I love it here. London is my home now. Where to now? Well, I don’t know. The beauty of living in a foreign country is that I feel like a citizen of the world. Right now, I wouldn’t mind a stint in  Sydney or New York. Just saying. Any offers out there?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London