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I am freaking out. This will be a short post. To cut a long story short, this weekend we have our 20-year university reunion in Paris. I rented a dress for the occasion. Watch my Twitter & Instagram feeds for some real-time updates (I am quite funny when I am drunk). If my memory serves me well, we were 35 girls out of a total of 400 students. I had short hair and glasses. And pimples.

Will it be nice (as in, sympa as we say in French)? Or will they only remember they bad stuff (I think I threw up during a party, not to mention all the stories about boys. Just don’t go there.)?

I have no idea.

Wish me luck. Between you and me, I am having second thoughts.

Come to think of it, I wish I could travel back in time with everything I know now…Wouldn’t you?

I will tell you all on Monday…Oh, the pressure!