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My Beautiful Life
Just imagine: you have just arrived at your daughter’s school. The gates will open in about five minutes. You are quietly waiting with her in the car and listening to some music on the radio. Then, a middle-aged man with his son walks towards your car and tries to open it.
Obviously he can’t open the car door because the car is not his. He just mistook your car for his. You start staring at him, a bit puzzled because he keeps trying to open your car.
When he finally sees you, he realises that he has just made a mistake and apologises. He walks five yards away and open his car to start his school run.

This is what happened to me this morning. It made me a bit confused rather than scared, and it got me thinking: are we all interchangeable? Apparently, a lot of us have a grey car and start the school run at the same time. He probably lives in a house similar to mine. His kids have the same age than my kids. What would have happened if he had entered my car and done his school run?  Would he eventually have noticed that it wasn’t his car? 
What I am trying to say here is: are all middle-class parents like me living the same type of life?
Come to think of it, it is not as crazy as it sounds. We go to the same restaurants, drive the same cars, read the same papers and have similar jobs. I am pretty sure that we could swap life just like that, without anyone noticing. We would change family for a couple of weeks, and then come back to the original one. And it would be alright, nobody would care, right?
Maybe, after all, it is a good thing that I have kept my strong French accent, my very dark hair, my wrinkles and my wobbly bits. It just adds a bit of colour to my life.
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London