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I had an epiphany today. I can’t believe it. I was taking the tube to go to work when some country singers boarded my carriage. The buskers started to play.
They were good and it was helping me to wake up. A toddler, probably on his way to the nursery, was beaming and clapping his hands. He was loving it and it was a pleasure to watch him.
Actually, most people on the District line train were smiling for once, some were even clapping their hands. It simply was one of these unexpected bonuses that life throws at you from time to time.
Naively, I thought that everybody was enjoying the moment, only to notice that a  woman, who was sitting next to the toddler, wasn’t amused at all by the whole experience. She had put her head between her hands and was saying quite loudly that she wished it would stop. How unlucky was it that they came to her carriage? , she was asking. I ignored her. Everybody ignored her.
So here it is: what was nice for me was clearly a torture for her. How come? How could we be so different? I guess some people are simply never happy. In short, I realised that you can’t please everybody. Maybe that’s just life. Some people will not be happy, no matter what.

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