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There is a new fashion in London. I don’t know whether it is this time of the year of whether I have missed something, but I can’t take the Tube without seeing couples passionately kissing, sometimes with a hand in their partner’s shirt. It is starting to get on my nerves because I have to bend over backwards and pretend that I can’t see them despite the fact that they are doing it less than a yard (that’s more or less 1m) from me. Maybe I am just becoming a bitter old lady, after all. Maybe it is because it is raining all the time and they can’t do in it the parks?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against discreet signs of affection like holding hands or quick hugs, but, honestly, why do couples feel the need to kiss in other people’s face? Surely they can do it at their own place? Do they need other people’s looks on them to approve of their love? Do they have something to prove (Look how much I love him/her…)? Apart from the fact that I sometimes feel that I am stuck in their bedroom and can’t escape, I don’t understand what’s in it for them.

I thought that the British were reserved and completely against such over-the-top displays of affection. But, clearly, I was wrong. I saw a posh-looking British guy kissing his French girlfriend (with tongue, if you must know) and it looks like he couldn’t be stopped. She was not impressed and I wonder if she ditched him by the end of the Tube ride. I hope she did. That said, I don’t know whether she was embarrassed because he was such a bad kisser or because they were kissing in a crowded car. Probably both.

Being an accidental witness of faltering love stories doesn’t really appeal to me. And voyeurism isn’t really my cup of tea. But here is what I did: I managed to snatch a couple of shots of enamoured couples…Maybe I should create a website for them: the love stories that never made it to the outside world?

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