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I am so out of touch that it sometimes scares me. This morning, I went out for my daily ritual: coffee and people watching. I read an article about Piers Morgan testifying during the Levenson enquiry on the phone hacking scandal. 
Piers Morgan used to be the editor of the defunct tabloid News Of The World. He said something like: “I was not directly involved in phone hacking.” I was wondering what he meant: maybe he was indirectly involved? Or maybe he was not involved? It is one of those sentences: you can understand it any way you like. I am afraid I will never have such a (useful) talent.

It was, once again, very cold. I drank my coffee almost mechanically and went out, hoping that the caffeine would kick in soon.
I was wandering, half asleep and freezing despite my four layers.  That’s when I saw them. I managed to take a picture in case you don’t believe me. 

It is the latest fashion in London this winter. Basically, you need to wear a short on your bare legs or a summer pair of tights. Oh, and the shorter the short is, the better. If you can see the pockets below the short, dangling on your thighs, you have got the look spot on!
It is not the first time that I have seen it. Teenage girls dress like this, adult and middle-aged ladies do it too. You can’t get out without seeing a woman dressed like this. I promise.
I feel old. I just can’t do it. First of all, I would look awful. You see, I love winter because I don’t need to wax my legs as often as in summer. Winter is, for me, the time to regenerate –and keep warm. But it was minus 2 Celsius this morning! When did showing your legs in the middle of a cold winter become fashionable? When did freezing to death become the last cool thing to do?

I feel out of touch. Why do women have to torture themselves to follow the latest craze? I just don’t get it. What’s next? 

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