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Despite the fact that in this country you talk about the weather all the time, weather bulletins over here are pretty dull, if not plain boring. Just read the latest Met office report ( see here) :
“This Evening and Tonight:
Evening showers should gradually disperse to give late sunny spells for many, although one or two may continue overnight in parts of Scotland, where it will be cloudier. Perhaps a few fog patches forming by dawn in the light winds.
Sunshine and showers for most, with light winds. The showers will mainly affect western UK, with some becoming heavy during the afternoon. Windy in far southeastern UK, with occasional rain.

Maybe that’s the reason why everybody here feels a burning need to embellish the reports and talk about the weather all the time. After all, it is only human to interpret harsh, brutal facts. We all need to interpret facts. By contrast, the French bulletins are much, much more creative. And pragmatic. Take, for instance, the Channel 1 website (see here) and you have a very useful application where, if you enter your postcode, you know whether it will rain within the hour. How cool is this? Come to think of it, this is probably because, in London, you KNOW that you need an umbrella at all times. What a depressing thought!
And on the MeteoFrance site (the French equivalent of the Met office), you have so much more that the weather!(have a look here). You know the exact times , to the minute, of the sunrise and the sunset; you know what will be the highest temperature and the lowest one, and where it will all happen. And finally, you even know which Saint to worship today (Benedict, apparently).
Furthermore, the French forecasts are written in a much more poetic way. Let me try to translate the MeteoFrance bulletin for this afternoon: “It will feel more like summer today despite a few clouds in the North. But the sun will reclaim its rights in the evening and all of the South will experience a hot summer night.” You have to admit that it takes weather forecasts to new levels.
So here is today’s theory: maybe the British are obsessed by the weather because their bulletins are much too factual. As for me, I will now enjoy my hot summer night!

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