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Buttress on the Embankment

Today, I am a guest blogger for Cathy’s wonderful blog: While The Dervish Dances…

Dear New Family,
I know that you are interested in me. I can feel it, and it is good to be desired again. I have been neglected for such a long time.
On the face of it, I am just another vertical slice of a Victorian terraced house. But come on, look closer. I was built in the late 1840s. I have seen it all. You know, the Millbank prison was just down the road. Every person sentenced to transportation was sent here first, and then to Australia. Several thousands of persons convicted of petty crimes, such as stealing an egg because they were hungry, walked here before leaving. You can still see the buttress on the embankment. I remember their fears and also their hopes of building a new life. Some were so young!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Love it, love it! A slice of life in London in a slice of time in a slice of Pimlico! Love the idea of the”Stew” at the end of the road – stayed in Milan in Via Casa Felicia and the street was named after a similar “Happy House” – suppose thes days it would be Casa Bunga Bunga!

  • This is delightful, Muriel. Makes me wish I had a house with a past!

  • Following you back. Iam so excited about your blog. I’ll get to see and read about things I’d never know abut in my little west Texas town.

  • Just read my comment!!!! so many mistakes!!! please forgive this crazy person from the sticks!!!!! glad I can laugh about it!!!!!

  • Houses with pasts are great. And this one can even write! 🙂

  • Love, love, love this letter! It vividly captures the layers and charm of your wonderful house. 🙂

  • Your blog’s new background is wonderful!

  • Thank you all for your support.
    @ Cathy, the background is actually the Stuffed Cat’s house…What else could it be? and thanks again for giving me the opportunity to write such a letter…
    @ Dc: Pimlico is much. much quieter now…
    @ Jen: glad you like it. I would like to know more about Texas!!!
    @ Kelly : it is great but the ground is not quite straight…this house is sooo talented!
    @ Sam: Thanks for your support. I still have a lot of layers to peel to understand this house of mine…
    @ Sam