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Today, I was treated to a live art performance. It was completely unexpected and happened out of the blue. In fact, the day hadn’t really started very well, I was coming back from an appointment with my dentist. Once again, he told me off for not flossing well enough. It must be the shape of my teeth, you see. I never get it right. Well, at least that’s my excuse.
Anyway, I was waiting for my Victoria Line train when I saw this:

I couldn’t believe it. What was it about? They seem to be coming straight from a Magritte painting, with their black hats, back suits, umbrellas and white masks. They were not talking, they were standing in line. They silently boarded the tube at Oxford Circus. Some passengers started to engage with them but they didn’t reply. A painting doesn’t talk, does it? Me being me, I started tweeting furiously about it.

They got off at Victoria, silently, after having handed over some flyers about a new bar/club. I have to admit that I lost the flyer. That said, what an original way to advertise for a launch! Seeing something like this simply made my day. I shamefully admit that it was the first live art performance that I ever saw.
Here is always something interesting on the Victoria Line (see here if you don’t believe me!). I love it. I love this city!

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