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Do I really look French?

From time to time -I would say once a week maybe-, some well-meaning friend or acquaintance tells me that I look very French. I am still struggling to understand what they mean. Apparently, it is supposed to be a compliment. No, really.
Despite always seeking clarification, I haven’t really managed to get to the bottom of what they mean. They just want to make a point, I suppose.
Is it the fact that I am a brunette and not a blonde? Has it something to do with my accent? I am not sure that I will ever know.
The thing is, I am not skinny (and for the records, I am not fat. I am somewhere in between, just like most of us) and I don’t chain smoke. Actually, I don’t smoke at all. And, as I have been told many times, French women smoke. So why do I look French again?
Maybe it is the way I dress? That said, this is highly unlikely, because, on an average day, I am dressed down, and to make matters worse I don’t wear any make up (OK, maybe a little bit of foundation) unless I am going out. I am what some would call very low maintenance.
I don’t even spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the morning because my husband takes too much time in there.  This means that I wash myself on evenings. Apparently, French women are known to spend all their time in the bathroom, grooming themselves. I don’t do that. No time with the kids anyway.
Or maybe it is because I am not really fond of beer? Maybe. But how would they know?
In short, I don’t get it: what is it that makes me look French? Actually, I also have some Italian blood, which means that I am not 100% French I suppose. So why do I look French again?
When you really think about it, don’t you think that saying to someone that she/he looks French is a crappy comment? Would I go to anyone and say, out of the blue ‘ you look very English!’ because he/she has freckles and is redheaded? Please, enough with the stereotypes.
Why on earth would I say something like this anyway? Oh, wait, I wouldn’t actually.
So please help me: why am I always being told that I look French?
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