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London is nice and sunny.  After a few miserable weeks, spring has finally arrived here. That said, something else has arrived in London too.  When I look around, love is simply everywhere. It started when I was taking a stroll in the in the park and saw a superb peacock wheel. My daughter asked me what this was all about. I explained that the peacock was trying to impress a peahen. The said peahen didn’t seem too impressed, but I am sure that everything will be all right in the end. The peacock was trying very hard indeed.

It continued at the airport, where I was picking up my older daughter. The guy standing next to me was waiting for someone with a bunch of red roses. How romantic! What is going on?

Everywhere I go, there is a couple kissing or looking at each other as if the world around them didn’t exist anymore. This can be quite annoying, because you can easily be blocked by such a couple passionately kissing in the middle of the pathway. Maybe I am just a bit jealous. Or simply older. Becoming more cynical is probably part of the aging process, right?

When I was walking on High Street Kensington, a young man started kneeling in the middle of the street and took his fiancée’s hand. I couldn’t believe it. I would be so embarrassed if I were the fiancée. I don’t know what she said, I just walked faster to continue to run my errands.

Who said that the British were less demonstrative?  Is it me, or are British men quite romantic? I don’t remember seeing things like these in France. Don’t get me wrong French men seem to look at women in a very sexually explicit way (see here for my last experience of Paris), but I don’t remember seeing romantic demonstrations there. Maybe I forgot.

Spring is definitively here, and there is nothing like a ray of sunshine in London to cheer you up!

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