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I was going to tell you that it’s officially the end of the summer holidays in London, which means that I can finally catch-up with everything I left on hold before the holidays as the children are now back to school and starting a new academic year. But then I received the first project of the cover of my next book, Madame La Presidente, from the talented Vanessa Mendozzi (check out her site here:

What can I say? I had to stop everything. I just love it!

What do you think? You can read the first chapter here:

Are you as excited as I am?

There is so much to do that I don’t know where to start, and receiving the cover hasn’t helped as I keep starring at it. I am mesmerised. Damn it!

To make matters even worse, I am supposed to run 50k this Saturday, and I am suffering from a severe case of pre-race nerves. I was supposed to run one hour yesterday, and frankly, I couldn’t move. I stopped after 35 minutes or so. What’s wrong with me? I am freaking out. Don’t forget to support me here:

This is where I will be running…Please spare a thought for me and wish me luck (what did I get myself into again?..).