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For once we were on time for the school run. Miracles do happen, after all. I was pleased with myself. I was about to make a left turn on Cromwell Road when I saw them: horses were all over Cromwell Road. At least 50 of them. The traffic had come to a standstill.

Damn it.

That’s the beauty of living in London. You can get stuck on one of the main streets during rush hours because of the Royal Horse Guards taking their horses to Hyde Park for a morning training session. Lucky me.
There was nothing to do but to wait. So we waited and moved very, very slowly.

Eventually, the horses made a right turn on Exhibition Road. Phew!

My Chelsea tractor was right behind the last horse. I was relieved. That said, as luck would have it, just before turning, the horse lifted his tail and, mischievously,  started defecating on my car. The law of gravity can be deceptive: something  fell on one of the car’s front lights. I can’t understand how it happened but it did. Yuck!

The guard was finding it absolutely hilarious. I was a bit, well, surprised, but I suppose that you have got to learn even at my (old) age, and this was a situation I had never encountered before.

Maybe it is part of the exam to get your driving licence over here? How do you react at the wheel when a horse decides to leave a parting present on your car? They should add this to the citizenship test -I probably need to send a letter somewhere about it.

Anyway, we made it to school eventually and nobody said anything about the car. I am sure that I could have put a positive twist on it but I had had enough emotions for a day!

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