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Whether you are French or British, some things never change. This is my convoluted way of saying that I hate Monday mornings. Today was a little bit worse than usual because I couldn’t eat or have my daily cappuccino first thing in the morning: I had to have a blood analysis first. A routine test, but not nice.

Of course, my daughter found out that she didn’t have her coat just before we were supposed to leave. Of course. Exactly what I needed. And she broke a glass while looking for it. Of course she did. I found the bloody coat eventually. Of course I did. Because that’s mum’s job, right?

We walked to the car. No car. Instead, we saw the neighbour’s car being towed. Right in front of my eyes. Lovely. I started to panic. Where is the car? You need to understand that, over here, in London, parking fines are hefty and you can’t escape from them. They use cameras to spot cars parked in the wrong places. You can’t hide and nowhere is safe. I suspect that they have a special task force dealing with us drivers trying to do the school run. I once got a fine for dropping off my daughter on a double yellow line. We just stayed a couple of seconds, but that was enough for the camera to take a picture of the car. I have been traumatised ever since.

It turns out that the car was parked around the corner. Phew!
On a brighter note, it can only get better from here, right? I certainly hope so.

NB: In order to brighten up the dull month of October I will try to post once a day. Watch this space and wish me luck…

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