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Somehow it is always on a Monday morning that shit happens. Literally. Today, I walked in dog poop right after finishing the school run, as I was rushing to start my day. What a stonking start of the day! Well, in fact, I meant stinking. And then it dawned on me: in Paris, I had learned to avoid dog poo on my shoes. I had my eyes riveted on the sidewalk in order to avoid such souvenirs, and I always had a pack of tissues just in case. Because, of course, despite doing my utmost best, it was happening from time to time. 

In London, most dog owners clean after their dog and carefully pack the dog poop in little plastic bags. Some plastics bags are left on the street but most are put in a bin. I am ashamed to admit that, over here, I have forgotten to watch out for dog poop. Silly me. That said, stepping in dog crap hadn’t happened to me for a very, very long time. Well, lesson learned, I need to be more careful over here too.

The problem was such a plague in Paris that, until a few years ago Paris had a fleet of ‘motocrottes’. (Ah, memories!) I am told that motocrottes still exist in some cities. The motocrotte is a small vehicle (usually a motorcycle, but I have seen small vans too) designed to vacuum up or clean dog crap. Apparently, there are no more motocrottes in Paris, because if you don’t clean after your dog you risk a hefty fine of €500. That said, the fine is far from being a deterrent, and I think that you can count on your hands the amount of dog owners who have had to pay it. In short, when in Paris, watch your steps.

On the bright side, apparently this means that I will have luck. Right. What a start! Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse…
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