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I am mourning a France that I thought was my home country. But it probably only existed in my dreams. Something must have gone wrong. Is it me? I must have missed a trick. I certainly didn’t see anything coming.

Let me explain: the Euro is on the verge of collapsing, the G20 summit was a non-event and France’s relationship with Germany has hit rock-bottom. But France keeps making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It is all about our new President, Francois Hollande, his journalist girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler and his ex-partner, mother of his 4 children, Segolene Royal.

On the face of it, it looks like a classic tale of jealous exes. But, in this very case, I believe that things are a tad more complicated. Ok, a lot more complicated.

I started to do some background research for this post and my findings are summarised below.

-Segolene Royal and Francois Hollande (the newly elected French President) have had 4 kids together. Although they never married, they were in a long-term relationship spanning over 3 decades.

-But it was not all easy. Francois Hollande had an affair with Anne Hidalgo some 24 years ago. He might even have fathered a daughter with her. Anne Hidalgo is a socialist politician involved in running Paris;

– While her partner was fooling around, Segolene found a shoulder to cry on: she had an affair with Jean-Marc Ayrault (the newly appointed Prime Minister) who, for the records, was married (to someone else, obviously);

– In 2005, Francois Hollande and the journalist who was following the Socialist party, Valerie Trierweiler, had an affair (she was also married to someone else). Segolene and him separated and Valerie Trierweiler is now the first girlfriend of France.
– Jean-Marc Ayrault was appointed Prime Minister, which proves that Francois Hollande doesn’t resent him for having an affair with his ex-partner (did you follow?)
That’s what we know. Just imagine what we don’t know…
Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with the right to a private life and what happens between consenting adults is none of my business. But I can’t help finding French politics in general and this new government in particular a bit, let’s say, incestuous…and how do they find the time to fool around? I barely have time to take care of my family and write my blog? How can they run a country and have such a complicated love life? How do they do it? Please tell me what I am missing.
That’s it, I sound like a killjoy now. But come on, when do these people work?
I know that politicians all over the world have made similar headlines. But never before have I seen such a tangled story at such a high level of power. Simply put, I feel like running away as fast as I can to get some fresh air, because it stinks. What I dislike most is what I perceive to be a form of nepotism amongst certain politicians: they sleep together, they work together. It is a small, cosy world: I hate it.
So tell me: what is wrong with me? Is politics? Is it the French? Or both?

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