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As a mum, you have to be a driver, a personal trainer, a tutor, a cook, a cleaner, a therapist, a friend, a bad guy …but also a personal assistant. Honestly, my daughters’ social life is sometimes hard to follow. I simply can’t keep up –and I must admit that I might be a bit jealous too… Today, I realised that I had completely forgotten to buy a present for yet another birthday party and had to rush to Peter Jones (one of the leading stores in London) to find one. Nightmare. It was going to take me at least one hour. I wasn’t going to be able to go to the gym as planned during my lunch break because I had so much to do and couldn’t afford to have two long breaks during the day. Such a shame: I really stuffed my face all weekend. I will have to keep my fat this time.

Before Pimlico even existed…(1827)

I therefore decided to walk from Pimlico to Sloane Square, thinking that the exercise would do me some good in the absence of a much-needed workout. I was walking while it wasn’t raining, and it felt nice to wander through the Pimlico streets.  Pimlico is often referred as “the Pimlico grid”. This is because Pimlico streets are straight and very disciplined. No fancy turns. They cross each other at a similar distance and it is all about ensuring that the houses follow the same style and the view isn’t obstructed. That said, I especially enjoyed the variety of the colours of the entrance doors: some were bright red, or grey, or blue. And somehow, it all felt quite relaxed.
Everything changed when I entered Belgravia, one of the poshest parts of London. All entrance doors were the same dark grey, no more fancy colours. The houses around Sloane Square were all bright white. I saw a couple of delivery guys knocking on the grey doors, only to the greeted by the lady of the house tightly wrapped in a fluffy white towel. I was feeling slightly jealous: they had had time for a workout and a shower in the middle of the morning. They were very skinny and very blonde. And here I was, rushing to buy a small toy for a child.
And then, I saw something that stuck to my mind. This delivery guy knocked at the door of another stucco-fronted house. A lovely blonde wrapped in an even lovelier towel opened the door, took the guy’s hand, and led him inside the house. She tightly closed the dark grey door.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Well, the doors may be grey around Sloane Square, but what is happening behind them seems to be a lot more colourful.
Delivery services in London can vary. Some, apparently, go the extra mile!
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • SarahHague

    Some jobs have all the perks… 🙂

    • I know…Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Very remiss of you not to give the address! I feel an urgent need to discuss the situation!

    • Let’s just say that it was on a street next to Sloane Square…caroline Terrace, I believe!

  • Britton Minor

    I’m quite sure she was just stuck inside her fluffy towel and needed emergency help getting out of it. Lucky he came along…

    • You are so nice! I am sure that you are right. I just have a vivid imagination, you see!

  • haha that is interesting! how the other half live eh?

    • I know. But seriously:how can they be so skinny?

  • I absolutely love brightly painted doors. There is something welcoming, something unique about the people who live there who have the courage to choose such a bright hue. Obviously the blond didn’t need a door to help her!

    • She was perfectly fine without a bright door, wasn’t she? What a lively lady!

  • Dodecx

    I have so missed out on the flavor of your musings, Muriel! Your views offer me a refreshing look at daily life and the nuances with which we all live. By the end of this article, my cheeks were hurting from grinning so much 🙂 You so have a magnificent flair for making the seeming mundane aspects of a day into a magical, flavorful flow of life. Thanks for being you 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. As a woman, I often feel invisible (especially now that I have reached middle-age…). But I do observe. Actually, I find it a lot easier to observe now!

  • Marie V

    How weird! London is interesting isn’t it? Seems like lots of people can enjoy good times during the day even…………Best of luck with the busy timetable, these days it seems children have a social life adults can envy!
    Take care Muriel

    • Thank you Marie. Well, it seems that some are busy, but others have time to fool around. I belong to the former category!

  • Ah! it finally dawned. Well, I would have thought that they might have had a grander clientele than delivery men. Politicians perhaps.

    • Maybe next time I will see a politician or two? Maybe I just came on the wrong day?

  • It must be a blonde thing.

  • Stuart Nager

    Need any deliveries in that area? 😉

    • Looking for a job Stuart?

  • You have a great eye for observing all the details of London life, Muriel!

    I’ve always liked that about Pimlico, that it’s much more ecclectic in terms of its architecture than many surrounding areas. Cash doesn’t necessarily make one or one’s home interesting or stylish.

    • You are right, cash doesn’t make an area more interesting. It looks like it makes it that little bit more amoral, doesn’t it?

  • Jpage Manuel

    Wow, colorful indeed! This is all just begging for a part 2, even though it would all be fictitious and only according to Muriel’s imagination 😉

    • Sorry to disappoint you but no, no part two…I leave it to your imagination, Joy!

  • Ha ha, that’s so funny, very well written. I can, not to the last part but to the first part; being a personal assistant to our children 🙂

    • We must have missed something Raquel: some have time to fool around, whereas we are our kids’ PA. Life is unfair!

  • The housewife and the delivery boy or gardener/plumber/gasman, etc. is not new in England, especially among rich and bored housewives. I was duly shocked when I discovered this in several cases.

    I enjoyed your description of your walk, the way you noticed details like the colors of the doors and housewives wearing towels (or bathrobes?) opening front doors.

    As for being your daughter’s assistant, well, isn’t that part of being a Yummy Mummy?

  • Great post, how funny, and so true the life of a mom. 🙂