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I am not sure that it is an upgrade, but, to cut a long story short, I have swapped my French husband for a British one. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t change husband overnight. it is just that he became British yesterday. And he is insanely happy about it.
To be honest with you, I didn’t see much change. He is still pretty much the same. Just happier, really. He still has a French accent when he speaks English (less than me, I give him that). He says ‘mate’ to his work colleagues, which I don’t really like. And he is British now.
My friends are all horrified: a French man has a reputation of being fit and charming. (They also are supposed to have a roving eye, if stereotypes are to be believed.) Well, English husbands are slightly different, apparently. They are supposed to have a beer belly and grey hair, I am told. Some even go to the pub every now and then. In short, a British husband is far less sexier than a French one. And the same goes for the wife of a British man. Where the hell did I go wrong?
I thought that our naturalisation was some sort of regularisation. After all, we have been living in London for the best part of 9 years now. It was time to take the plunge. We are both British now. I am of course keeping my French citizenship. He is incredibly happy to be British. Why didn’t I see it coming? I thought that he would be torn. I was clearly wrong. Which team will he support for rugby? He doesn’t seem to care, as long as France or England beats the All Blacks. Things have really changed. What a difference a few years make! Where do we go from here?
I am not sure that it has sunk in yet.
I have a British husband. 
Any advice?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London