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There is a time to be careful and there is a time to enjoy food. I am in France, and it is time for the latter.
Over here, I only pay 60 cents for a croissant. That’s 50p. So far, I have had one every day, for breakfast. Not only does it taste great, but it is a bargain compared to London. Another reason not to feel guilty about it.
I have my morning ritual here. I wake up and head straight to the boulangerie. It is a 5 minutes walk and it is lovely. You can feel the village waking up too.
The boulangerie is the only shop open at this time of the day (very, very early). The smell of fresh bread gets to my head. I buy some breakfast for the whole family. It is nice to be able to do so. Fresh bread is taken as a given over here. i also took it for granted, until I moved to London.

Back home, everybody is happy to have fresh bread and croissants. My younger one shocked my dad when she said she wanted to have baked beans but hey, she is not British for nothing, I suppose.
It is the small things that matter, and we have a happy start of the day with a croissant. What about you? What makes you happy in the morning?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London