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Every mother knows the challenges involved in bringing up children. Right now, my daughters are fascinated by swear words. The ruder and the dirtier, the better. Sometimes it feels like they are having some sort of competition. I have to admit that I didn’t know that they could be so creative and make such an effort to expand their vocabulary –I just wish that it were in a different sort of register!

Without being able to admit it, I learned lots of new words and I am not sure that I will be able to use them all. I also didn’t know that swearing could be so funny. They seem to keep laughing their heads off all the time. I tried to put an end to it, only to find out that they were swearing at every possible opportunity, but behind my back, or -even worse- at their friends’ houses. It was time to take action. I told them that they could swear as much as they wanted, but only in our basement loo, with the door closed.
Initially, they couldn’t believe their luck and spent an hour cramming themselves in there, shouting all sorts of swear words at the mirror. Swearing outside of the loo is of course strictly forbidden. They were all giggling and kept going back to the loo, just to swear.

 The novelty quickly wore off. I don’t think that they have used the swear loo any more. The fascination of swear words seems to have gone, at least for the time being…And if it comes back, I will send them again to the downstairs loo to get it out of their system.

Come to think of it, I love this swear loo concept. Wouldn’t it be nice, every time you hold a grudge against someone, just to go to the basement toilet and insult the person all you want, until all the hate fades away? I need to try it out sometimes. Or when you are tired or sad and need some me-time, you could just go and cry all the tears of your body, in order to feel all refreshed and happy again? We all need a swear loo in our life, don’t you think?

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