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It was bound to happen. So it did. What am I talking about? Well, both my passports (the French & the British) had to be renewed. Don’t ask. It was all about some silly visa problems. On the bright side, I was going to do everything at once, and be done for the next 5 years. Well, at least that was the theory…

There was no two ways about it: I had to start. Renewing a passport doesn’t come cheap. If you must know, it costs £72.50 for the British passport. But on the bright side, I could do everything online. So I did. And I sent all the supporting documents by tracked mail, just to be on the safe side. I had almost forgotten about the whole thing when someone rang the bell and delivered me my brand new British passport. The whole process had taken less than 10 days. I was delighted.


Needless to say, it was a different story with my French passport. Contrary to popular belief, renewing the French passport was more expensive than renewing my British passport. It was going to set me back by £73.28. I understood that it would have been cheaper if I was living in France but as I didn’t, that’s what it would cost. But the worst was yet to come: I needed an appointment at the French consulate. And the first available appointment that worked for me was on 15 of June (of course there were no available appointments on weekends). I was explained that I needed a whole suite of documents (from proof of address to birth certificate  -of me & my parents-…). The passport would be sent a few weeks after the appointment. Complete and utter nightmare. Why do the French have to make life si complicated for themselves? I don’t get it.

In short, I now have my brand new British passport, but I have no idea as to when I will get my French one. I suppose I will just have to wait and see…

To make matters even worse, I had to make a different passport application for my daughter. As it was her first British passport, I had to make an appointment . Guess what: they could offer an appointment on a Sunday. Yep, you read that right: on a SUNDAY.

This would simply never, ever have happened in France. I was stunned.