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Whatever your nationality is, some things never change. I am turning 40 by the end of the year and, to me, it is a big milestone. The problem is that I am still 15 in my head. I might be going through some sort of midlife crisis. I have talked to various friends of mine and apparently it is perfectly normal. That said, the midlife crisis can manifest itself in many different ways, and I can’t help being a bit worried.

A sporty friend of mine decided to climb mount Kilimandjaro on a whim. Another one took a sabbatical and went travelling around the world with husband and kids. Some become depressed, some take a much younger lover; others get a breast enlargement (it seems to be quite dangerous nowadays, especially with the PIP scandal) or start drinking heavily. The list is long, but my point is that, when you turn 40, something happens.

So here it is: I have started to do Bikram yoga and I am becoming addicted to it. The thing is, I don’t normally do yoga. I like running but that where it stops. But Bikram came highly recommended by a couple of friends. A week ago, I received a flyer in my mailbox and decided to give it a go.

Well, I felt great when it finished. The session lasts 90 minutes but it feels more like 4 hours. The studio temperature is about 105F or c. 41 Celsius. Each session consists of 26 different postures and two breathing exercises. I didn’t know that I could sweat so much. Actually, my skin was peeling the first time. For some reason the guy next to me kept burping during certain postures –not nice. On the other side, the very thin girl was quite flexible but had apparently never waxed in her whole life and I kept staring at the dark, thick bushes under her arms. Do you have to use shampoo to wash them? I wondered. I am also very proud because two ladies who were in their twenties couldn’t take it after no more than 30 minutes and left while our instructor was trying to convince them to stay.

 But, in the end, it felt like my body had been flushed and I was feeling relaxed and positive. Well, I have done it 5 times in a week and I don’t intend to stop.
What is going on with me? Do I need to see a doctor? Is there something wrong with me?

I have other ideas crossing my mind, such as living in a boathouse for a while and travelling to the far end of this world.
Well, if I stick to Bikram yoga I will have a lucky escape don’t you think?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London