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There is a ritual I wouldn’t miss for the whole world: my morning’s coffee, in the coffee shop next door. I love the culture of coffee in London: you have big brands or independent coffee shops every 50 yards. I also love coffee and couldn’t survive without it. Some say it is a drug. It may well be but I don’t care: I have reached this stage in my life where I have accepted me the way I am, wobbly bits and nasty habits included.

I like going out for my morning coffee. It is my small luxury.
Ok, let me rephrase this: I like watching the other people in the coffee shop. It is an amazing picture of the London society. This morning, a group of consultants were having their skinny lattes while discussing business. Something to do with a communication plan. Boring as hell. The younger ones were sucking up to the-cool-manager-who-bought-coffee-for-everyone. Pathetic. So glad I left the corporate world…
Then, we had two 50-something year old lovers. Who said life was boring after a certain age? They were cuddling and holding hands. And wholeheartedly kissing. It seemed to me a bit Over The Top for a regular, married couple. I would say lovers. The real question is: legit or not? Tough one. Need more time to find out. I would say not legit. Or a very new story. Something didn’t feel quite right.
An uninvited guest entered the coffee shop. A poor pigeon. It thought it could escape through the big window glasses. It was wrong. It almost knocked itself out with a loud bang. The manager  eventually caught it in a red apron and let it out. The chase lasted a couple of minutes, and the media consultants were letting out little shouts of girls who believe fish fingers grow in the freezer. The little shouts seemed to amuse the city boy on his own at the corner table (who was wearing the mandatory power stripes). Men and their hormones. Why do most men fall for silly strident little shouts? Grow up, city boy, grow up…
After my caffeine fix, I stood up and decided to go home and start working. What a fantastic start or the day!
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