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The saga continues. But this time, it is not with the same neighbour and you will be pleased to know that this story doesn’t involve any bottoms (See last post…). I am starting to understand why some people are tempted to live on a desert island. Let me tell you what happened.
I love being surrounded by children. As I grew up pretty isolated, I have always promised myself that my daughters would be able to have play dates and see their friends.

This means that we had a few children with us over the week end. They were happily running in the street (it is a small, secure street). I was watching over them, happy that they were having fun, when another new neighbour came to me. She didn’t say hello. She didn’t introduce herself. She just explained to me that her son’s girlfriend was staying with them and, should we want a babysitter, she could help with the kids. She was about to go back to her house when I dared to say (silly old me):
“- By the way, I am Muriel”
She looked surprised and ended up muttering “-Sheryl”. And off she went.
The whole conversation lasted less than two minutes.
So, let me spell out what I really, really think: how dare she? She wasn’t interested in us, she didn’t even ask for the name and ages of the children. She just wanted to make a few bucks.
I felt older and none the wiser…So tell me: am I just becoming a bitter old lady?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • I think people have forgotten long ago politeness. The minimum she could have done was to introduce herself and ask how you were.
    But it seems now people ask what they want and go. I am growing tired of behaviours like this – It is not a big deal at all to say hello and greet people with respect.
    Looks like you are having a hard time with your neighbours. I never see mine, I don’t know if it’s better!!!!

  • @MarieHarmony – Thanks for confirming that it is not me. I was starting to worry. I think that I will go back to the old-fashioned routine of ignoring them…

  • No, why would you trust your most precious possessions to somebody impolite, rude and ignorant? Not in this lifetime!

  • Sounds like you have rather odd neighbours. But it won’t help your future relationship if they realise you are feeling critical of them when you don’t actually know them. If you don’t want to know them you could ignore them as you suggest. 🙂 good luck!

  • Umm… that was RUDE. No ifs and buts about it.

  • She was rude. Plain and simple. Have people completely abandoned common courtesy?

  • I would find it a little weird if a new neighbor just walked up and offered to watch my children and never extend their hand in greeting before offering. How very strange. I would not trust someone with my children if they lack the simple ability to introduce themselves.

  • Definitely rude. And if the son’s girlfriend wanted to babysit and earn a few bucks, she could d*mned well come over and introduce HERSELF. I highly recommend you NOT avail yourself of their services; I wouldn’t trust them with my imaginary mutt, let alone precious children.

  • We have a word for this in Ireland BRITS! I don’t want to be racist but the fact of the matter is that strange union of two low German tribes, the Anglo-Saxons never tried to integrate with us Celts and Latins. They still are loud, rude and on occasion violent. They think they live in a country called E-N-G-E-R-L-A-N-D and their idea of fun is to go to a football match, beat each other up and then go home and watch it all on TV. It may sound non-PC but we have to accept that integration has not worked, round them up and repatriate them to Germany led by their King, Karl von Hanover. Enough is enough!!

  • Yes, that was kind of rude of her.

  • Yep – no doubt about it – a paragon of rudeness.

  • I would have said just as abruptly…
    “No need, I just borrowed them and am returning them in a short while to their parents.”

    I tend to say things I used to just think now that I am older, and this would have been one of those times.

    ~cath xo

  • @Elizabeth – Thanks for confirming that it isn’t me…

  • @Jenny – Do you really think that they are odd? I think that they are neither better nor worse than anywhere else…

  • @ Mrs B – Thanks. It gets worse. This morning the husband (whose face I vaguely recognise…) came to me to suggest the exact same thing. Are they harrassing me?

  • @Lalia – sometimes I think that it might be us: we are becoming old-fashioned!

  • @Jennifer – I have come to the exact same conclusion…

  • @ Holly – I am even wondering whether this girlfriend is actually real: this morning the husband came to me to tell me the exact same thing. Maybe she can’t talk?

  • @ DC – happy that you are in great shape!

  • @Toyin – Thanks for confirming what I suspected…

  • @Thom – I love this word -parangon…It is French, did you know it?

  • @cath – you are even worse than me! Good for you…

  • Yikes. She was DEFINITELY RUDE. I’d keep her away from my kids.

  • haha… at least no eeeky speedos or the like but…
    even creepier is someone who doesn’t give a shit about you or your kids wanting to make a few bucks off taking care of them… YUCK!!!!!

  • 🙂
    i’m having trouble with blogger…

    you’re not old, that’s creeeeeeepy!

  • @ Sam – Thanks for confirming what I thought. What went into her?

  • @Stacey – I am turning 39 end of Nov. Life is tough. Anyway, age is just a number…

  • She was rude and you were too polite. I would have looked down my English (in your case French) nose at her and said something like, “Thanks, but since I don’t know you, I’m not interested.” Watch out. Now that she knows your name, she may try and get friendly. And you certainly don’t sound bitter to me. I love your comments about the Brits/Londoners and their behaviour.

    I agree with the comment above that Brits can be awfully rude, but so can any race. Actually, I’ve found more rude, aggressive Americans than anywhere else. And also more polite and kind Americans than anywhere else. I’d say it’s more the individual and their upbringing than their nationality.