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Guess Who Is Having A Photoshoot For A National Newspaper?

Never say never. I should have known better. Why do I keep doing the same mistakes again? Do I ever learn? I don’t know. 
Ok. Here it is. I didn’t want to participate in any more blog competitions to focus on my writing and on my blog, but I have just submitted an entry here. It is about the main differences, from my perspective, between British & French men. I thought that it would be a funny thing to do. Please read, comment, and share. I hope that you will like it.

On a different note, today, a whole team went to my house for a photo shoot: make-up artist, fashion assistant, fashion director, illustrations editor, photographer and his assistant. It was quite an experience. Where to start? First of all, I am not skinny. I am in my forties now. I studied science and never worried too much about my appearance. And to top it all up, I had a huge pimple on my chin. Simply massive. The make-up artist managed to hide it really well. Oh, and you should have seen the clothes! They were just gorgeous. I would never have dared to buy such colours and labels. Never. But they were right. I can’t say more…You will have to wait until start of January (probably the 4th) for the whole story!

NB: and I might be French, but the fashion team thought that my high heels were not, well, high enough. Damn it.

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