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No, not me, silly! As you know, we French women don’t do cosmetic surgery. Because we don’t have to: we don’t age. We mature. We get better. It’s a genetic predisposition. And if some of us indulge in a little bit of nip & tuck occasionally, we will never, ever admit it. That’s just us, I suppose. What can I say? We are beautiful naturally, and that’s all there is to know. Did I also tell you that I wake up already made up? No seriously. It’s a French thing, we all have it. It is in our DNA. And no, I didn’t go to the hairdresser to have a blow-dry. Somehow, my hair places itself naturally. I promise. As for my dress, well, it just happened to be placed in my wardrobe and was just, well, perfect. So lucky, right? And of course I am naturally slim. After all, I am French. I didn’t go to the gym this morning. It wasn’t me, you must be mistaken.

This is, apparently, what everybody believes. Seriously, guys,  how gullible can you be?


The nip and tuck wasn’t for me! It was for my site! Of course it was As you can see..Ta da…

So, how do you like the new design? The truth is that I want to take my site to the next stage. I am dreaming of making it a platform of all things French outside of France, hence the new sections. Have a look. Take your time. I want you to feel at ease. The motto is ‘unleash your inner French’, and the tone is pretty much the same. What do you think? What are your first impressions? Oh, the suspense…Come on, don’t be shy, let me know.

Obviously, I needed help to achieve this. Huge thanks to the dynamic team of Verb for all their help and advice. You have made the dream come true! There are lots of exciting news to come. If you were a subscriber, you need to resubscribe in the box on the right. If you are not, why don’t you become one, and you will never miss a post? The thing is, I try to write at least every other day. But sometimes I can’t be stopped and I write every day. Other times, I need a breather and keep quiet. That’s just me, and a French woman is always right anyway. One more thing: I never, ever give email adresses to third parties. Never have. Never will.


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Hello, I am Muriel aka French Yummy Mummy…So sit back, relax, and unleash your inner French!