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This year, for some reason, I can’t get into the mood for Valentine’s day. I have had enough of pink hearts, romantic gestures, and sweet love declarations. Can we move on please? Come to think of it, it’s all so incredibly boring once you stop being a teenager. I might be French, but maybe I have finally turned into a responsible adult after all. Miracles do happen.

Why am I becoming so cynical? Well, you can buy one red rose (just one), at my local supermarket, for £5. You can also buy lovely chocolates for a tenner. They come all wrapped up in red, which apparently double the price. In short, you can be romantic, but it will cost you. It feels a bit like a charade. Because you can’t buy love, right? So why would you? I don’t get it.

A sweet Valentine’s day doesn’t mean a lasting love story. Right now, lots of friends are divorcing, despite some of them being used to flying off first-class to Thailand just for a romantic weekend. This year, some of them are spending the day on their own, wondering how their are going to make ends meet, while their divorce lawyers are working on their financial settlement -or what will remain of it after the legal fees. And what about the single ones? The elderly? The sick ones? The depressed ones? Who will bring love to them?

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Does the world stop for them? No, of course it doesn’t. The forgotten ones have to suck it up while couples smile broadly at each other and sip a glass of overpriced fizz. And who knows what is going on behind the lovely smiles and the whitened teeth anyway? I know that one of the mums at school can’t manage any more as her husband has left her, and her only chance to be able to get by in London is to find reputable home buyers pronto. But she still smiles and wishes a happy Valentine to everyone, despite not knowing whether she will have enough money to feed the family next week. Such is life. Appearances can be deceptive sometimes.

On this note, I still wish you a happy Valentine’s day. Because even if Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year, has instead become an overly commercialised flurry of last-minute shopping, there is something to love about celebrating love, right?