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We haven’t heard about DSK for quite some time and this relative calm has allowed me to try to put things into perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I still firmly believe that the attitude of the French intelligentsia was unacceptable and you can read my previous posts here and here to understand my immediate thoughts on what has happened.

But I am now convinced that there is another collateral victim: the decent man. You see, most men are just decent, hard-working chaps who are trying to support their family or simply make a living and, on top of this, have to endure our mood swings during PMS.

Now that we know that Arnie is a cheater, Weiner an exhibitionist and DSK a potential rapist, I am reading everywhere that men will need to behave. Careful, those bad deeds will not go unpunished from now on! “Le Nouvel Observateur” (A French Political magazine) even reminds its readers of all the sexist comments made by some French politicians and personalities. I am not sure that it will help. The main issues for women are, I believe, education, affordable childcare and equality at the work place. But they are swiftly swept under the carpet. Gone with the media storm
Stigmatizing the men will not help anyone. Most men are reasonable guys. Actually, I am hugely indebted to them. Men in my family, my friends, men at my workplace. Or simply the chap who helped me the other day when my car broke down.

Normal men need to be celebrated a bit more. They are everywhere and without them, I am not sure that we would manage. And, sisters, let’s face it, if men have to analyze every word before speaking to us, it is going to be quite boring.

In short, I love men and I’d like to think that I am close to them. Very close.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London