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Where to begin? I was there and it was fantastic!
We arrived really early and had a chance to visit the facility. It is huge…

The show was also in the stadium with some very interesting hairdos…

The stadium represented the British countryside. There was some Morris dancing involved.

And as it wasn’t raining they even brought some clouds:

There was a huge bell too…

It all started with some blue piece of silk above our heads…I was a bit worried that we might have to keep it for the rest of the ceremony but my fears proved unfounded. Phew…

The ceremony was great, touching and mind-blowing at the same time. You could appreciate it at many different levels. Chimneys popped out of the stadium to represent the industrial revolution. There were also nurses and children dancing on beds, pop songs, Voldemort and Mary Poppins, and of course the suffragettes.

Then the athletes arrived and I found out about countries that I never knew could exist. Some delegations were huge, others only consisted of a few persons. Some athletes didn’t have a country and had to compete under the Olympic flag (They were from the Dutch Antilles or from South Sudan). I  was also surprised to see a delegation for Palestine. Eritrea followed Ethopia -the joy of the alphabetical order, eh?

I had never attended an Olympic ceremony and it was fantastic. We almost had to remortgage the house to attend but it was all worth it. My daughters loved it and are now glued to the TV, watching the re-run. I hope that they will remember it!

And finally, here is a short video with the Olympic flag…And watch this space for the next updates!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • I don’t care what you paid (and I suspect you were too embarrassed to tell me) but it was well worth it – what a memory for the kids and their downtrodden minders!!

    What a great advertorial it was for the Real Big Society from a Mancunian Socialist of Irish extraction. I could hear the sound of Tories choking on their dentures throughout!

    • Apparently, some MPs complained. I am really not sure why. I hope that my daughters will remember such a great opening ceremony!

  • Anoop Singh-Best

    Absolutely fantastic. The pictures are amazing. So glad you got to go. We have tickets for next weekend and can’t wait 🙂
    Thank you for sharing x

    • So, what did you think? How was it for you? I am completely into it now!

  • So cool; I enjoyed your live updates yesterday. (And yes, a gorgeous dress; lovely colour on you!)

    • Thank you, thank you. I can’t believe that you sow me tweeting on national telly. Am wondering whether I need some therapy now?

  • I looked brilliant on the tele. I thought of you being there and hoped you had good full view seats (for what it probably cost). Glad you had a fantastic time. I certainly enjoyed it from my sofa and was singing along Naaa na na nananaaaaaaaaaa at 2am full of the joys of spring.

    • It was brilliant and beeing part of it was great fun. I am so pleased we managed to get tickets. A real treat!

  • I’ve stopped watching the opening ceremonies because they are so over the top now. However, when I heard Danny Boyle directed it, I had to check it out. I loved the opening with the rural England transforming into the Industrial England. The forging of the Olympic rings was great, as were those bicycles with wings. That part in the middle which was basically the history of British pop music was too long and not very interesting. And like you, I was amazed at how many countries I didn’t recognize who sent athletes to the games. And I loved how they created the Olympic flame out of all those petals. Yeah, you had to use your kids’ college funds to go, but they will always remember it.

    • I hope that they will remember it. I really do.The ceremony was great fun and it was really, really difficult not to feel a pang of pride. I just loved it!

  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience of the opening day for those of us you couldn’t attend. My favourite shot of all was of the morris dancers representing the English countryside. Wow and WOW!

    • I have to admit that the start was brilliant. From the idyllic countryside to the chimneys…just great. I loved it!

  • I really, really want to go up that tower when they open it to the public (i.e. those of us who weren’t lucky enough to get Olympic tickets!)

    • I think that you can visit the Olympic Park for £10. I totally recommend it, it is great!

  • It’s great that you and the family were able to attend. I am a bit jealous but really happy for you. At least I get to see special pictures, right? Thanks for sharing Muriel!

    • Glad that you are a bit jealous -that’s exactly what I want you to be! It was superb. I am really glad that we went!

  • I loved it from here and enjoyed seeing your pics! Can’t wait for updates!

    • Watch this space, Stacey, watch this space!

  • Sounds like you had an awesome time. I missed the entire opening ceremony so I enjoyed living part of it vicariously through you.