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There is a big storm while I am writing – This is one of my collages – It says “In London, it rains all the time but we are happy”.
I am getting older and none the wiser. And no, I am not moaning. I have some evidence to prove my point today. Here we go: I received a friend request, on Facebook, of one of my 11-year old daughter’s friend.
First of all, I didn’t know that children could have a Facebook account. According to Facebook’s rules you need to be 13 but it seems that every girl in primary school has one.  Maybe it is specific to London. How come no one had told me? My daughter doesn’t have one (yet), I don’t want her to (but she writes a very good blog. I am an unconventional mother, I know and it is hard work). Anyway, it took me a while and a cup of coffee to understand that the girl, let’s call her D, who wanted to be my FB friend was in fact the one I have known since she was 4.
I accepted D’s request. And then, I made a major mistake. I posted a message on her wall, asking her how she was, and explaining how weird it was that she was so grown-up now.
This is against the etiquette. You are supposed to accept your daughter’s friend request and never say anything. Not a single word. It is embarrassing for her, you see. So here we go, I am an embarrassing Mum. The message got back to me via my daughter. I have posted something on her friend’s wall. What a weirdo I am! Mums are not supposed to do that. I didn’t know. How hopeless is this?
Maybe she will de-friend me? Let’s wait and see.  Anyway, I can’t help thinking that things have really changed since I was 11 (can you believe that we didn’t know what FB was then?) and I am officially old and out of touch.

But the good news is that I received a very good response to my last post on this blog. Thanks for all comments. I will keep you posted. Suffice to say that it is not a question of if but rather a question of when. Watch this space!

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