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Today, I had to drop everything to get my little one from school. They called to tell me that she wasn’t feeling well. When I saw her, she had a temperature of 37.5C ( quite normal), but was feeling a bit tired and was missing her mummy. I had had to spend last night at my own mum’s side. She had  just had a routine surgical operation and needed someone to stay with her to be discharged. I am exhausted. I could have done without picking up my little one in the middle of the morning on top of everything else, I can tell you. I feel like I belong to the sandwich generation, taking care of kids & parents. Not nice.

The thing is, in France, when I grew up, all you would get was a kick in the butt (not literally, of course) when you were feeling a bit blue.  Over here, they just say:
“She is a bit sensitive. Poor thing. Please come and get her”
And mummy is called to pick up her 8-year old baby.
This got me thinking: when did being over-sensitive become fashionable? And why wasn’t it fashionable when I grew up? What has changed?
And, last but not least : what about me? Who cares about the fact that I am exhausted? Am I being over sensitive too? Who should I call to get picked up? 
I did what any French Yummy Mummy does to cheer herself up: tea & lemon curd tart. That’s who I call when it gets too much. What about you? How do you stay sane when things get out of control?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London