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When I look at my life over here, I can see a succession of daily hurdles that I have to overcome. That said, help is at hand, and I have just come to realise that I rely a lot on some products or services that make my life easier. I suppose that we all go through a similar process, and I would be interested in knowing what your tips to make it easier are. Come on, sisters, don’t be shy, please share them!

1. The Dirty Laundry Basket
Honestly, why is it always full? And does my family think that everything washes itself just by magic? I am wondering whether my daughters are using the dirty laundry basket as extra storage, because I found a couple of clean pairs of socks in there. I am thinking of going on strike.

2. The Daily Commute
Whatever I do, it is going to be stressful. And there is always something with the London Tube, buses or roads. This morning, the machine wouldn’t accept my Oyster card (local pass). Go figure.

3. The School Opening Times
Not only are they ridiculously short in London compared to France, but things keep changing, and you had better keep up. After school clubs are cancelled at a moment’s notice and, from time to time, the school decides to have a day off. They call it different names: teacher training day, Valediction, festival, whatever… They can be creative and make it sound like it is fun, but the bottom line is always the same: as a mum, you are going to be the one who will take care of the kids.

4. Food, Glorious Food
Some things drive me mad. It is usually comments like “Darling, why are there no eggs any more?” or “Where is the orange juice?”. Again, it doesn’t miraculously come to the fridge, does it? But with food, nobody is happy. Ever. “Why are my pastas cold?” Well, if you had arrived on time they wouldn’t be. I simply can’t win. I am thinking of putting all the family on some fasting diet to show them how lucky they are.

5. Poor Customer Service
Have you noticed how difficult it can be to talk to the right person when you have a problem? The amount of time I spent trying to make appointments and solving various issues is simply ridiculous. Everything is difficult: talking to your bank, your energy supplier, reorganising a delivery…The list is endless.
That said, all is not bleak, and lots of things are helping me to go through the day. I sometimes wonder how our grandmothers were managing without such help. I am not sure that I could survive without it.
1. Internet and Google
Honestly, how were we managing before? I research everything on the net, from schools to properties and health issues. Google has helped me through all the different phases of my life. I try to do as much as possible from the comfort of my own house. And I love it.

2.  My dishwasher. 
Having the best dishwasher is a life saver. I just stuff mine with all the dirty plates and dishes and I don’t need to do anything else. If you don’t already have a dishwasher, just read some dishwasher reviews to see how much your life would be easier with it. As for me, I wonder what would happen if it were broken. I think that I would suffer a breakdown. The prospect of taking forever to clean everything doesn’t appeal to me. At all.

3.  My Microwave. 
I know that it is a controversial one, but life is so much easier with a microwave. Too cold: here we go, and 30 seconds later it is perfect.

4. Grocery deliveries. 
That’s the ultimate luxury, isn’t it? When I was younger, we were shopping every weekend and carrying all our bags back home. In London, you can have all your water bottle and heavy stuff delivered to your very own door. What’s not to like about it?

5. Yoga. 
I wasn’t a yoga person at all but I am starting to get into it. It is probably the only time when I don’t think about anything. And it feels good.
How about you? How do you overcome your daily hurdles? What makes your life easier?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London