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It’s pancake day today. Before you ask, in France we call it Mardi gras (literally, Fat Tuesday).

Except that this year I can’t stuff my face.



You don’t want to see me smiling with my teeth…

Well, to cut a long story short, I’ve got braces (I know, so un-French, right?), and I have already lost at least one kg (that’s exactly 2.2 lbs for those of you who don’t do kg) in less than 5 days. And no, apparently  I can’t have Invisalign or other things, because of what needs to be corrected. Bummer. My mouth feels dry all the time, and I am in a bad mood. I have gone back to baby food, save for the melted dark Belgian chocolate that they sell in my local supermarket (it’s a life saver, and I need to buy another pot). You’ve got to live a little, right?

In short, I don’t like it. I can’t chew, I have a metallic taste in my mouth all the time, and I feel like I can’t run any more (That’s my excuse anyway). To make matters even worse, I need to make pancakes (well, the French version of it) for the whole family, but I am not sure to be able to have some. Damn it. I am seriously considering going on pancake strike. That would be French, wouldn’t it? There is nothing like a good old strike.

I resent my orthodontist who minimised the discomfort (I have just sent him an angry email, and I must admit that I immediately felt better). I resent my parents who gave braces to my sibling, but didn’t even notice that I needed them too. Of course they didn’t. In fact, I sometimes wonder whether they saw me at all.

On the bright side, I can’t smile the way I used to, and I look a lot more, well, enigmatic (as in, moody). My French accent has gone ten times worse, and I even have a lisp -my daughters love it.  I sincerely hope that things will get better soon. Otherwise, I’ll have to have my braces removed and learn to love my crooked teeth.

On this note, I wish you all a happy pancake day. Please stuff your face for me & have a great time! Damn it, when does it get easier?




  • dth

    My French wife had them at the age of 42 for 18months, she was just as unhappy as you. Everytime she ate an apple it got stuck everywhere

    However, it was supposed to last 2 yrs and very soon after she soon forgot she’d ever had them. Bonne chance Muriel, je vais manger une crêpe pour toi.

    • Merci! Oh, and does your French wife have any tips for me?

  • James Casserly

    Hope you don’t need to have the braces for very long Muriel. Also hope while you do have them you adjust quickly and can get back to your normal diet soon. xx

    • Thanks James. I sent an angry email to my orthodontist and immediately felt better…

  • James Casserly

    Oh and while you may not feel it, you do look stunningly beautiful in your photo above 🙂

    • Thank you James! I must say that today I feel a bit better -except that I still can’t smile !